Backstage news update regarding William Regal reportedly leaving AEW for a WWE return

As previously noted, there is reportedly “something going on” in regards to William Regal and AEW. During the November 30th 2022 edition of Dynamite, MJF turned against Regal in an angle that was seemingly designed to write Regal off television.

It was initially believed that Regal had signed a three-year contract with AEW. Dave Meltzer of noted that multiple sources in WWE thought Regal had an out-clause in his contract. There were also stories that Regal has a short-term deal which is about to expire. Meltzer wrote that “there are many other versions going around wrestling as to what happened but the short-term deal is the primary source story.

Rumors of Regal departing AEW reportedly started prior to the angle in Chicago where Jon Moxley told him to leave and not come back. According to Meltzer, the finish with Regal turning against Moxley at the Full Gear PPV was a Tony Khan decision and there were different ideas debated by key people in the company. Meltzer added that some ideas didn’t heavily involve Regal but “they needed to write him out.”

As previously noted, it’s believed that Regal will be returning to WWE in the near future as him and Triple H have a friendship going back to WCW.