Backstage news and notes regarding the 2021 WWE Crown Jewel PPV event

Here are some news items regarding the 2021 WWE Crown Jewel PPV event via Mike Johnson of…

* Johnson noted that “those who spoke to within WWE was really thrilled with today’s Crown Jewel PPV as the feeling was it was one of the better major shows they have produced over the last year.”

* 2020 Olympic silver medalist in Karate Tarek Hamdi, who appeared after the Mansoor vs. Ali match, was said to have “absolutely fallen in love” with how everything went down for his appearance at the PPV. According to Johnson, there is belief that WWE will be taking a look at Hamdi once he is done with karate competition.

* The Undertaker was not at the PPV and was only in Saudi Arabia to do the introduction for Pitbull’s concert.

* It was being said that wrestlers had more freedom for the trip than usual when it came to exploring. Johnson added that “they had a bowling alley and movie theater privately at their disposal as well.”

* At this time, the next Saudi Arabia PPV event is expected to take place in the first quarter of 2022.

* Adam Pearce and Chris Parks (Abyss) were working as Producers.