Backstage details regarding creative direction of the WWE White Rabbit segments

As previously noted, WWE has produced various White Rabbit teases leading up to the 2022 Extreme Rules PLE. Fighful Select noted the following regarding the creative direction…

“We’re told not everyone was sold on the QR aspect of the White Rabbit teases, but those that we’ve spoken with backstage say that it’s been a major success and created even more than the intended buzz for the segment. We’ve learned that WWE creative has been largely hands off with the segments, and most everyone we talked to backstage aren’t sure of the small details that are involved.”

It was added that WWE higher ups are clearly aware of the plans. The current belief is that the White Rabbit reveal will be at Extreme Rules although it’s unknown if the person playing the role will be physically present.

Bray Wyatt is rumored to be behind the cryptic videos.