Anonymous talent from WWE issues statement regarding Royal Rumble match plans changing

As previously noted, one source told Mike Johnson of that plans for the 2022 men’s WWE Royal Rumble match were changed “literally 20 times” prior to the event.

Johnson was able to obtain a quote from an anonymous WWE talent…

“We were all in a whirlwind. Just as you had your role and spots down, everything started over and over and now most of us were back to square one. It changed again and again and again. It wasn’t an easy night even before we hit the ring.”

Johnson noted that because of the changes, morale after the show was said to be “very down” compared to recent WWE events. Shane McMahon, Adam Pearce, Jamie Noble, Shawn Daivari, Chris Park (Abyss) were the match Producers but Johnson added that Vince McMahon “had his fingers deep in every aspect of the PPV.”

It’s believed that changes were also made to the women’s Rumble match.