Announcement made regarding post-WWE project for Bray Wyatt

Callosum Studios owner and special makeup effects artist Jason Baker noted to the United Kingdom Metro that former WWE star Bray Wyatt will be starting work on a feature film…

“He’s a phenomenal collaborator, he’s become a really good friend, and we’re actually – you’re the first person that we’re publicly telling about. We’re starting a film at the end of the month.”

“Two weeks to go, we’re filming in Tennessee. It’s a feature film and it’s something really new and different. I’d say probably the best way to describe it is Ichi the Killer meets Xanadu. We had some meetings out there and things happened and things got moving forward, and now we’re going and shooting this feature film with him and the end of the month.”

At this time, official details regarding the film’s title and plot have not been disclosed.

Bray Wyatt working on Hollywood movie as first post-WWE project is confirmed

Bray Wyatt hasn’t been seen by WWE fans since April, but now his collaborator and friend Jason Baker has revealed the star’s next project.