AJ Styles makes clarification in regards to report about his WWE contract

It was reported in February of 2022 that AJ Styles re-signed with WWE for multiple years.

During an interview with InsideTheRopes.com, Styles noted that he actually didn’t sign a new contract…

“Let me make one thing clear. I didn’t sign anything, recently. I had something on my contract where I got to decide, kind of a player option, what I want to do, and we just extended the contract that I already had.”

“Time is running out, as far as AJ Styles is concerned. I am getting older. The ability to put on great matches is getting a little bit harder. I don’t want to embarrass myself at the same time. I want to get out while I can and still have somewhat of a legacy. I don’t want to have to work anywhere else. I’d love to work within WWE, but I don’t know if that’s going to happen, if I’ll have the chance. I would like to be a scout because, I know we’ve changed some things around here in WWE, but at the end of the day, you have to find these — I don’t want to call them actors or stuntmen — you have to find these athletes that have wanted this their whole life. Not saying football or basketball, athletes can’t be great, we’ve seen it with Kurt Angle and we know guys coming in from sport, Olympic sport and what not, can be great, but for someone who has wanted to do this their whole life, they know what is expected of them and they know what they can do to chase that dream. It’s a little different and I think it would be a little harder for someone who has never watched wrestling before to come to this stage. When your ego is not involved, trust me, I had a little bit of an ego because I did wrestling in high school and college, but when you learn to go, ‘what’s the story?’ That’s the most important thing. You have to let go of these egos. They don’t matter. They don’t sell pay-per-views. We need people to sell the story and sometimes people who have wanted to do this their whole life know better than anybody.” (quotes courtesy of Fightful.com)