AEW wrestler gets in heated online exchange with wrestling media personality

As seen during the March 8th 2023 edition of AEW Dynamite, QT Marshall helped Powerhobbs win the TNT title from Wardlow. Raj Giri, founder of the website, criticized Wardlow’s booking when he tweeted the following…

“The booking of Wardlow since Double or Nothing… I don’t get it.”

Here was QT’s response…

“Raj- You do not get it because you have no understanding of the actual inner workings of professional wrestling.”

Giri deleted his tweet but the exchange continued on Friday night…

Giri: “As a TV personality, has anyone given a fuck about QT? Hey man, I know you think you mean a lot, but you literally mean very little. And before you say ‘But same as you’ just remember, I don’t give a f*ck. You are ‘Ratings Poison’. Do you really think anyone gives a f*ck about you? Outside of the people you work with directly? You have the personality of a piece a shit. F*ck off man.”

QT: “Oh Raj…if you only knew. Don’t get so angry. But, if you’d like to do some actual reporting, I can get you an all access pass to the next event, then you can find out what the people I work with really think of me. Notice I didn’t say ‘Press Pass’. That’s for real reporters!”

Giri: “Ha, dude, if you knew jackshit, why would I give a f*ck? I’m semi-retired, I don’t GIVE A F*CK! Act like you can intimidate me again. You never could, never will.”

QT: “You should retire. Hard to retire from something you not successful at, nor make a full time living from. That would be like me in 2016 when I had my neck surgery saying I’m retiring. I said I’m not wrestling anymore. Just say you aren’t giving out bad opinions anymore!”

Giri: “I will end this here. QT, in private, if you ever f*cking shit on me again, don’t act like you’re a success. You’re a f*cking loser mate. And I NEVER brag about shit, but if we need to do it, let’s do it in private.”

QT: “Do what in private? We have a building and I know a great lawyer that can draw up a waiver for you to sign if you’d really like to do this. I genuinely don’t mind. Success or not, I’m a grown man willing to put your teeth down your f*cking throat if you’d like.”