AEW star praises current job and talks about having “a little bit of that WWE PTSD”

During an appearance on Renee Paquette’s podcast, former WWE star Athena aka Ember Moon reflected on her one-year anniversary of joining AEW…

“When I full boar got here (AEW), I was still the good guy, I still had a couple of really good promos in there with Jade (Cargill) and then it became, okay, thank you for that. We’ll call you when we have something but, here’s Dark and then it became, okay — the entire time I was like, what can I do? And I just felt lost for a while. I was like, no one’s telling me I’m doing a bad job. Everyone’s like, ‘You’re great! You’re doing great!’ And I was like, why? What is happening? And it’s almost a little bit of that WWE P.T.S.D. that seeps in of like, am I gonna be in catering for four months? Oh my God!”

“I love the fact that when I come to work, I always have something to do whether it’d be Dark, Dark: Elevation, Rampage, whatever. I love that about this job because I don’t know if I can mentally come to work and not do anything. That would probably kill me more than anything else.” (quotes courtesy of