A “hiring freeze” possibly started in WWE following the return of Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon was reinstated to the WWE Board of Directors in January of 2023 prior to Endeavor acquiring WWE in April. Fighful Select noted the following regarding the lack of new company hires in 2023 compared to 2022…

“Several talent that Fightful have spoken with have claimed there’s a ‘hiring freeze,’ and have speculated everything from Vince McMahon’s return to a potential sale being the reasons. Nobody that we’ve spoken to have explicitly been told there’s a hiring freeze, yet it’s a term that constantly emerged.”

It was said that WWE was interested in several wrestlers including Jay White and Nick Aldis. It regards to Aldis, Triple H was reportedly high on him but Aldis was “left out in the cold” once McMahon returned. It was added that multiple talent were told because of the impending sale, it would be difficult “to make things happen” as there are hires from 2022 that haven’t been used yet.