AEW star announces that his contract won’t be re-signed when it expires at the end of April

It was previously reported that several AEW contracts would be expiring in 2022 and possibly not being renewed. Jack Evans, who signed with the company in the spring of 2019, wrote the following via Twitter…

“My time with AEW has been a fun and enjoyable but it has come to an end as I will not be re-signed when my contract ends at the end of April. I’d like to thank everyone at AEW and the AEW fans for the opportunity.”

Evans commented further on the matter…

“Not to diss myself but I wasnt giving any added value to the company truthfully and with a big roster you do gotta make cuts.”

“I think the release is largely because after the 4 month covid lay off and then the time off from the broken face I had a perfomance drop off I never really came back from.”

According to, Evans last competed at the February 5th 2022 AEW Dark taping.