AEW: Fight Forever video game’s promotional material is reportedly finished

In April of 2023, THQ Nordic’s Global Senior Community Manager Zyddies commented on the status of AEW’s Fight Forever video game. Zyddies said the game was “in a good state” and “as soon as we do launch it, I think people will be happy.”

In an update, was told that all promotional material has been finished for the Fight Forever game and “everything that needed to be shot has been done, and everything that had to be edited or updated is complete.” The site stated that “sources around the game’s promotional team, however, tell Insider Gaming that they haven’t been told anything about when that promotion will begin.”

The site also noted the following…

“Insider Gaming sources have insisted that the game is ready from a development standpoint aside from ongoing bug fixes and updates that will be worked on all the way through launch and beyond.”