THQ Nordic manager addresses the status of AEW’s Fight Forever video game

During a Twitch stream, THQ Nordic’s Global Senior Community Manager Zyddies addressed reports that the AEW: Fight Forever video game is ready to be released…

“AEW, they had an announcement that the game is almost done. And it’s like, then somebody asked me, and I was like, no, it’s not, and then everybody’s like, Oh my God, these guys lied. I’m like, No, they didn’t. They just look at things differently because the publisher looks at things differently. You know what I mean? For a publisher, a game is not really finished until it’s released, basically. And a lot of people are having a massive problem understanding that which is kind of sad. Because it kind of creates this thing that everybody now suddenly believes that, oh my god, these guys lied. It’s like no, no they didn’t. So hopefully, it’ll get sorted out.”

“The game is in a good state. And as soon as we do launch it, I think people will be happy. Then everybody will just forget about all the other stuff, and everybody will be happy and enjoy it. And that’s what I’ve been trying to explain to people development can already be sorted and stuff, but that doesn’t mean the game is done. And even development, there’s still QA, there’s still all these different things that they have to do. I just don’t see how people misunderstand it because — but that might be because I’m part of the industry. So for me, it’s common when people check in with me; hey, is this ready? I’m like, oh, no, it’s early in publishing stages, and then like, Oh, okay. But that’s again; I’m part of the industry. So, for me, that’s normal that I don’t expect everything to be instantly done. That is why it annoys me so much when we’re now taking our time. All three houses, Yuke’s, THQ Nordic, and AEW, we’re taking our time; we want to do this the best we can. We make sure it goes through a long QA process, a long submission process. All these things and people are instantly like, oh, but we want the game now. It’s like, yeah, but you can’t have both. You can’t have a game that’s out right away and then have a good game. There’s only one of those things that actually matter that works and that matters. And for me, it’s a good game. I would always rather have a game that takes its time, and it’s good.” (quotes courtesy of

Zyddies also wrote the following on Twitter about the game’s status…

“I mean if you want an unfinished game sure we could release now 😆

The game is doing really well and is getting there, but not 100% yet, so yea just another rumour on twitter I fear 😔”