AEW and Yuke’s said to be “butting heads” over Fight Forever console video game

An article on noted that AEW and developer Yuke’s have been “butting heads” over the upcoming AEW: Fight Forever console video game.

The site noted the following…

“Sources have indicated that the relationship with Yuke’s and AEW, specifically Kenny Omega, isn’t in the best place at the moment. According to those close to the game’s development, Omega has found himself frustrated and ‘hating’ working with Yuke’s. One person even claimed that some it has come across at times like Yuke’s was trying to ‘take advantage’ of an inexperienced Omega in this position.”

It was also mentioned that AEW has invested “significant money” into the game’s development but it is “way over budget” at this point. Budget issues have reportedly led to features of the game either being less than originally planned or cut altogether.

As previously reported, the game’s roster size is expected to feature about 50 wrestlers at launch with possible additions as downloadable content.