Advocate for Mercedes Mone addresses her decision to sign with AEW instead of making a WWE return

Keven Undergaro, an advocate for Mercedes Mone fka Sasha Banks, appeared on the Heal Squad podcast and addressed her decision to sign with AEW instead of making a WWE return…

“A few months ago, we get a call from her old home saying they want her back. They put out a generous offer. A rival company that exists now also put out an offer. Mercedes is really smart. She went with her gut and she felt the other offer was right. I agreed with her. It had a lot more. Not money, necessarily, but opportunity, creative, and mental help.”

“It’s nice that, where Mercedes is now, she’s not tolerated, she’s truly celebrated. They see her for what she is, which is a star. This is a girl that, even just being on Mandalorian in her small role, they made nine action figures for her. They don’t do that out of charity, they do that because they sell. It’s nice that she’s in a home now that gets it. It’s just nice to finally feel like I was able to deliver this.” (quotes of Jeremy Lambert)