A change could be made to WWE premium live events later in 2024

Over the past few years, WWE has been holding most premium live events on Saturday nights but that could be changing later in 2024. Following the UFC Fight Night event in St. Louis, UFC President Dana White commented on TKO’s schedule moving forward…

“Yeah, we already have those dates set up right now, where Power Slap goes Friday and UFC goes Saturday. And then you’re going to see Friday, Power Slap, Saturday, UFC, and Sunday, WWE. You’ll start seeing that stuff, too.”

At this time, all upcoming main roster WWE PLEs are scheduled for Saturdays through Bash in Berlin on August 31st. No other PLEs after that have been scheduled yet except for Wrestlemania 41 Saturday on April 19th 2025 and Wrestlemania 41 Sunday on April 20th 2025.