Video: Vince McMahon actually appeared at an indy wrestling show in 2007

Believe it or not, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon actually appeared at an indy wrestling show. In 2007, McMahon showed up at a Chaotic Wrestling event in Byfield, MA. Here is a recap of what happened from a fan named Steve in Maine…

“We went to meet John Cena today at Triton (not kidding) High School in Byfield Ma. for an autograph session. We arrived about 3:20 PM and waited outside with a good size crowd, but not out of control by any means. Cena’s brother is a local policeman and they had plenty of police around so it was a real nice and peaceful wait. The whole process was extremely organized, which is relaxing to parent of an 7 year old boy.

We moved into the gym and they had a table set up at one end with John Cena sitting there with his brother next to him. The session was 4 p.m. to 6 p.m., but the line moved fairly quick, not because the were rushing people but because they had it set up perfectly. For all the fans who don’t like John Cena I can tell you the guy is a class act. The way they had the gym set up you could see him interact with people while you waited. The guy was a gentleman, first class. He did everything people asked of him. If a woman wanted a picture with his arm around her, he politely hopped up from behind the table and came around and posed. I must have seen him do about 10 different poses with people (and I was in the first third of the line) and every time he treated the fan like he was thanking you for coming out not, like he was doing you a favor. I was worried he’d only sign the photo they gave out and my son insisted on bringing his “The Marine” poster that we got from the video store. I didn’t want to be greedy and ask him to sign it but John saw me holding it and pointed at the poster and motioned to give it to him and signed it for my son. He posed for a few photos with my son and my friend’s son, who is older but has some special needs. When his camera’s battery was dead and John could see he was disappointed, he told him to wait and had me come back over and take a picture of them together. With a large line waiting to meet him that was really classy. He signed everything people asked. It was the beginning of an unbelievable night. My son also got an autograph from Killer Kowalski. I told my son in front of Killer it was like meeting wrestling’s version of Mickey Mantle or Willie Mays and Killer smiled. When we approached him I said, “I always wanted to meet one of the Executioners” and Killer’s wife chuckled. I told him growing up in the 70’s my older brother would keep me in that darn stomach claw for 15 minutes at a whack thanks to him and current wrestlers should bring back the move. We all laughed.

The Chaotic Wrestling Show started about 8 PM and had some real good action. I was very impressed with the hard work these guys put in. When one of the heels beats up the ref early on, John Cena came out to announce that he would ref the title bout. Cena gave his speech and it was great. It was such an intimate setting it was like he was doing the show personally for you. The gym went crazy.

Eugene wrestled and they worked him and another guy pretty hard for almost the whole 20 minutes, with Eugene getting the win.

In the Main Event, Cena got hit over the head by the Chaotic Champ’s belt and was out cold on the mat. While Cena was out, none one other than Vincent Kennedy McMahon came to the ring and helped the heel champ beat down the challenger. Cena finally came to, got up and FU’d Vince and then the Chaotic Champ. The place was going bonkers and it was almost 11 PM and we had been there since 3 PM. Vince slipped out the back door and Cena DQ’d the champ.

After the match they had a raffle with Cena signing about 50 items, including an exact replica spinner belt with his autograph on it. He announced the winning number and presented it to winner personally. He walked back through the crowd hugging kids, signing things, he was great. I can see why Vince would come out to a small HS gym in Massachusetts on a hot and humid holiday weekend night to help John Cena and his family raise money for local police and M.A.D.D. It’s because he knows and respects Cena for the class act that he is. Change your mind Cena haters, the guy really is a Champ in and out of the ring. I saw it firsthand.”