WWE working with CM Punk again = Bad Idea

As soon as CM Punk got fired, I immediately knew what was going to happen next. And it didn’t even take a minute before people online were saying what everyone was hoping.

“Yeah, CM Punk can now go back to the WWE… Vince will do it!”

“Vince forgives everyone and will do what’s best for business.”

“Man did AEW screw this up… watch him show up on RAW this week.”

Let me be the proverbial party pooper here and tell all you fan/marks/insiders what I will guarantee you.

CM Punk is not going back to the WWE and neither side thinks it’s a good idea. The “Good Ship Lollypop” has not just sailed away but done it twice and scorched the earth on both occasions. Neither side really trusts the other and like a bad divorce doesn’t want to repeat this.

But for those die-hard fans who still think that there is a chance let me count the ways this idea sucks ass and swallows.

1) CM Punk still hates the WWE:

Before he signed with AEW, Punk often talked about how he hated the place and that it was where his soul died. He even brought it up when he did the sit-down interview with Jim Ross and afterwards. He never liked the WWE and signed with them for the money and the recognition.

Even when he went back a second time under the FOX Sports/WWE show he didn’t want to wrestle, didn’t want to work under them and didn’t want to even interact with Vince or Paul. He came back because FOX wanted him and his UFC career was done. But once AEW rose up and showed staying power, Punk left and joined them. And he has since gone out of his way at times to remind people he was never happy in WWE.

2) CM Punk is not “The Best in the World”.

The Punk we all knew and loved back in 2013 no longer exists. Phil Brooks is now 44 years old (turning 45 in October) and his body has been beaten up and chewed out. We saw in AEW how he got severely injured trying to work his style and only lasted 9 months before he broke his foot and required surgery. Then after he came back, he tore his left tricep A MONTH after he returned from his last injury.

This is a man who is no longer in the prime of his career but a guy who just has been physically battered and beaten up. His body has let him down and he won’t be able to do the kind of matches or schedule that he did during his height.

3) WWE Officials and wrestlers don’t like him.

According to a lot of “Pro wrestling insiders” it’s going to be fine as Paul Heyman will broker this deal. Look at the list of people who are not Punk fans and it will cause you to change your mind. Seth Rollins, Cody Rhodes, Roman Reigns, AJ Styles and The Miz are a few guys who are known to not care for Punk. I would probably add in several Elite friends (Finn Balor, Kevin Owens, Dolph Ziggler, Karl Anderson, Luke Gallows and Sami Zayn) who don’t want to deal with Punk due to his treatment of the Elite.

And then there is Paul Levesque.

Its no secret that the COO of WWE has never been a fan of Punk’s and at times despised him. From his independent wrestling style and wardrobe, to his “overconfident and cocky attitude” and the constant personal insults thrown his way by Punk. Levesque was reportedly relieved when Punk left the WWE as it was a malcontent who was never happy and made it known. Now that Punk is older and still has the same attitude and mentality, I doubt people’s feelings have changed. Several have stated they don’t want to work with him, don’t want him in the company and can’t stand him.

4) He is not worth the aggravation financially.

Right now, every Punk fan is screaming “But he sells merchandise”” and “he is a draw” til they are blue in the face. First, let’s get to the merchandise bit and throw some cold water on this. Punk’s merch is not going to mean much in the grand scheme of things for the company. TV Deals, advertisers, site fees and PPV buys are the big money for WWE/Endeavor as they get the most money and larger pieces of the pie.

Merchandise is right after them so the merchandise bit means jack squat in the bigger sense.

CM Punk is not a PPV draw as both the WWE and even the UFC found out when he worked with both. CM Punk’s first fight (on a loaded card at UFC 203) and second fight (UFC 225) both drew under 500 PPV buys and 225 drew under 300k. The ratings for AEW were not great when you take away his debut and his return to injury.

He is a indie band that has popularity but isn’t a household name and unlike past anti WWE guys like Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, Bret Hart, Bill Goldberg and even Brock Lesnar… Punk is not a name that casuals resonate with.

5) Lastly…. HE IS NEVER HAPPY.

Mr. Tito, PW Nation, Duke Loves Rasslin and even SWERVE has defended him in the past by saying Punk was “held down.” Punk himself has often said he was never given a fair shake and was never utilized to his full potential in WWE. Its bullshit at its finest when you consider the facts and realize he got more than most people ever got. He got to work a long program with John Cena which 90 percent of the roster never have. He is one of only two people (Cena and him) who got to work with The Rock in two PPV’s. He got to work with The Undertaker including working a WrestleMania match with him. Even with all that, the multiple title runs, nearly 450 plus days of being the World Champion, Punk still was not happy.

Ask Seth Rollins, Cody Rhodes, AJ Styles, Bryan Danielson, Cesaro or Finn Balor if they would be happy with Punk’s push. They would jump for joy and say yes. 99 percent of all wrestlers in this industry would kill to have the opportunities that Punk has had. And yet he has complained and railed about being held down and never pushed enough.

Bottom line is that expecting WWE and CM Punk to go back together and make it work is like expecting a failed marriage where two spouses hated each other to get back together and make it work. Its unrealistic, its crazy and anyone who thinks otherwise has either a screw loose or a glutton for punishment.

In other words, you’re a CM Punk fan. And I am here to tell you… that you need help!!!