Wrestle Review: Who Will Be Crowned?

Friday was the next to last stop on the way to Crown Jewel The Street Profits and Uso’s had a great match, as did Sasha and Becky. Becky lost for the first time in several years. I’m thinking that may mean she wins the triple threat Thursday. Fin Balor defeated Sami Zayn to reach Thursday’s King of the Ring final. Will he face Woods or Mahal? We’ll find out on Raw. I’d like to see a Woods/Balor match. Also, I think they’re going to push Woods. That said, Vince doesn’t usually do favorite vs favorite.

The Queens Crown final will be Zelina Vega, who beat Carmella in the Smackdown semifinal Friday, vs Shayna Baszler, who I predict will win her match on Raw. Shayna will win the Queen’s Crown. And I’d love to see Shayna vs Charlotte in a “who is the real Queen” match. A little like Bret Hart vs Jerry Lawler at SummerSlam ’93. If you recall, Bret had just won the KOTR tournament but Jerry was all “you’re not the real King”. So they had their match with the crown on the line. I see that coming for Charlotte vs Shayna at some point.

Before I switch to AEW, let’s run down the Crown Jewel card.

Mansoor, a staple of WWE’s Saudi events, will face Mustafa Ali. These two were a tag team until Ali grew tired of their series of losses. I think Mansoor wins this one to make the crowd happy.

The Queen’s Crown will be decided with Zelina being the sacrificial lamb against Shayna. That way, WWE can go the route of having their own “Queen B”. No, please don’t start saying that, WWE.

King Of The Ring will be decided when Fin Balor faces either Jinder Mahal or Xavier Woods. I’d love to see Woods and Balor have a match. It could steal the show. Plus, this would complete the elevation of all 3 members of New Day(though most say Kofi has been de-pushed ever since the Lesnar incident). I need King Woods.

Also on the show is RK-Bro defending the Raw tag titles against Styles and Omos. I don’t think the RK-Bro story is over yet. Plus, I’m seeing a rift in Styles and Omos. Omos has singles star written all over him. Therefore, RK Bro should retain.

Seth Rollins and Edge have split their matches. So it just makes sense that these two meet inside Heel In A Cell. I pick Edge if just for that, after all Seth has done, it only makes sense for Edge to win. This isn’t implying WWE is in the business of making sense. They are not.

Lashley faces Goldberg in a no disqualification match. This means The Hurt Business will help Lashley win the match. Plus, what good would a Goldberg win do? Goldberg is the “show up for a few big matches and then leave” guy/ Goldberg does have the “avenging his son” thing going. I do see Lashley winning, though. Dominator or powerslam through a table, maybe?

Big E defends the WWE Championship against Drew McIntyre. Another obvious one here: E retains. What sense would it make for Drew to win and take the WWE Championship to Smackdown where the Universal Championship resides? Besides, Big E should retain so Drew can go to Smackdown and feud with Roman for the Universal Championship. That sentence reveals a spoiler for the last match. But first….

Becky Lynch defends the Smackdown Women’s Championship against Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair. Becky lost to Bianca Friday-her first loss in a long time. Becky gets her win back, thus retaining the championship at Crown Jewel.

Brock Lersnar returned at the end of SummerSlam. It was right after Reigns put Cena away. The way it’s been going is: Reigns beats someone and then is immediately confronted by a returnee. This makes me wonder who will return next after Brock? Perhaps they put the brakes on that way of doing things, with Survivor Series upcoming.

As far as AEW goes, Dynamite saw FTR win the AAA tag titles under masks. With this win, the duo became the only team to have won the WWE, AEW and AAA tag team championships. Now if they can just win the Impact tag titles…..

Hangman Page returned and said he’d do his best to win the AEW Championship from Kenny Omega at Full Gear. Obviously he’s winning. But who will be his first challenger? That will be decided in the Eliminator Tournament that will begin this upcoming weekend. Several tournament matches will take place across both Rampage and Dynamite. Hobbs faces Orange Cassidy on Rampage. Lance Archer vs Eddie Kingston and Bryan Danielson vs Dustin Rhodes takes place next weekend.

I love that AEW can put someone over, even in a loss. Malakai Black defeated Dante Martin but Martin got a respectful nod after the match. Very cool move. Not so cool but understandable was when CM Punk went JR and called Bryan Danielson Daniel Bryan. Old habits die hard, am I right? 🙂

That’s all I’ve got this week. Be sure to check out my podcast, Blendertainment, wherever you get your podcasts. I’ll see you right back here next weekend!