Wrestle Review: Samoan Dynasty and Ring Of Elite

Roman Reigns unified the WWE and Universal championships at WrestleMania. At Backlash, Jimmy and Jey Uso will unify the tag team titles when they defeat RK-Bro and win the Raw titles. You don’t actually think Randy and Riddle are winning, do you? This is the year of the Samoan Dynasty. I expect Sikoa to get called up from NXT later this year and unify the IC and U.S. championships. I’m definitely getting a two-man power trip vibe when Triple H and Stone Cold had all the titles for a few months.

Adam Page and Adam Cole had a pretty damn good Texas Death Match on Rampage. I still can’t believe AEW puts Texas Death matches on free t.v. To be fair, what passes as a Texas death match these days is pretty much a Cactus Jack hardcore match from back in the day. Still good, though. The women’s Owen Cup tournament matches are underway. I wonder when the men’s start? Seeing as the final of both men and women’s is at Double Or Nothing next month. Seems like they’d want to get on that.

Clearly they’re replaying the “labors of Jericho” with MJF and Wardlow. Wardlow’s first “hurdle” is vs the Butcher this week. Obviously he’s winning. Hook makes his Dynamite debut. Dr Britt Baker vs Daniella Kamela in an Owen cup qualifier, Jungle Boy vs Kyle O’Reily, Dustin Rhodes vs CM Punk and Darby vs Andrade in a coffin match round out what should be another solid week for AEW. Tony Khan is advertised to make another “huge” announcement. Will it really be huge or something like a returning Spike Dudley debuts in AEW? Will there even be an announcement? I remember they advertised that a year or so ago and nothing came of it. Friday, Garcia vs Kingston and Cargil vs Shafir are going down.

Battle of the Belts II was a solid hour Saturday night. I thought Taz’ “Get a room” comment after Tay Conti and Sammy G played tonsil hocket after Sammy regained the TNT championship was pretty funny. Hey, I’d make out with Tay too. Just saying. I was really impressed with Gresham/Castle. Having not seen much ROH on account of they never really had a consistent, solid tv deal(which is probably one of the many reasons they went under, I was impressed with my first look at Jonathan Gresham vs Dalton Castle. Not to mention Joe beating Suzuki for the ROH TV title Wednesday. I wonder how many ROH matches we get t Double Or Nothing? What about Great Khali, Jr(not really but basically) debuting Wednesday and taking out Joe after he won? Some good stuff going on and coming our way at DON I bet. Enjoy wrestling this week!