Wrestle Review: Returns and Invasions

After Wednesday’s shocking return on Dynamite, it looks like a much bulkier Lance Archer has set his sights on AEW champion Hangman Page. It was one of those “he was a fan favorite, so you think he’s going to help but he doesn’t” deals. He won’t win the title but that’s for another day. It also seems as though we’re headed for Chris Jericho vs Eddie Kingston, probably at the Revolution. I’m game! Other than those two developments, Dynamite was a little “meh” for me this week.

Alpha Academy winning the Raw tag titles this week was quite a surprise to me. Perhaps this is a precursor to RK Bro splitting up in the manner that Rhea and Nikki split on Raw. As it was the one least expected-Nikki-turning on Rhea, perhaps Riddle will turn on Orton. After all, it was Orton who got pinned by Otis. Ironic, seeing as Orton has been harping on Riddle to pay attention and follow his lead. Will we at least get a return match before one turns on the other? In the case of Nikki and Rhea, perhaps they keep destroying women’s tag teams so the returning Bella twins can win the tag titles at WrestleMania. At one point, they expressed disappointment that there were never tag team titles when they were competing. And since they’re returning to be in the Rumble, it’s setting up a perfect scenario!

Speaking of returns, Friday night saw the shocking return of Lita! Yes, they announced it before the show began but it was still very cool to see! Even cooler is that she has entered the women’s Rumble. Obviously, she won’t win but imagine the potential women’s tag title match for WrestleMania: Zelina and Carmella defending against Trish and Lita AND The Bella Twins. Sign me up!

The announcement wasn’t Lita’s only action of the night. She put Charlotte in a twist of fate that, in typical Charlotte fashion, Flair no sold. Final Smackdown note: How good was the closing segment with Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns? They were dropping word bombs right and left! I especially liked Roman’s jab at Seth about if he wanted the head of Seth’s family, he’d face Becky. That was good stuff! For me, Smackdown beat Rampage this week.

Over here on the “hey, we’re here, too” side: Impact saw the debut at Hard to Kill of Tom Hannifan. It proceeded to see him handle the majority of the announcing duties on their weekly show when some ROH guys invaded Impact and put D-Lo Brown through a table. Perhaps that was a nod to the Shield’s WWE debut years ago when they put some poor stiff named Ryback (what ever happened to that guy-lol) through a table. Was ROH partnering up with and invading Impac plan B because the AEW-Impact partnership was short-lived? Either way, good on Impact for getting back on the horse.

What a week for wrestling, huh? Each company has strengths that, in my opinion, came through. I can’t wait to see what goes down in the weeks to come!

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