Wrestle Review: Quick Takes and Royal Rumble

Before we get to tonight’s Royal Rumble, a couple of quick hits.

I enjoyed the spelling bee segment on Raw Monday. I thought it was funny. I could be in the minority there but that’s fine.

I would’ve saved Sasha Banks as a surprise return at the Rumble tonight, but WWE decided to waste a surprise on Smackdown last night. Pretty stupid business decision.

Cody vs Sammy’s ladder match to determine the true TNT Champion Wednesday night was very, very good. Somebody said it was better than the standard bearer, HBK/Razor Ramon. If that’s the hill you want to die on…… It wasn’t better, by the way.

The men’s and women’s Royal Rumble are both so unpredictable that it’s near impossible to pick a winner. However, being that I tend to make predictions when events roll around, let’s give it a shot. Much like Kofi Kingston, Big E has seemingly gotten Brock Lesnar’d out of the main event scene. I can’t see Big E winning. They don’t want to do E vs Lesnar again. In fact, it wouldn’t shock me to see E back going for tag gold with Kofi. That let’s two prospective winners out.

Drew McIntyre was a favorite, but I believe he’s missing the event due to injury. This might lead to Drew being a curtain jerker at Mania this year against Madcap Moss or Baron Corbin, who also aren’t winning tonight, by the way. Roman isn’t going to be in because he’s not losing to Rollins. Or do they do the thing where the champion enters the Rumble, like Charlotte is doing. Which, by the way, is stupid. Charlotte, Sonya and Naomi are the last three. Charlotte and Sonya team up an eliminate Naomi. Sonya eliminates herself so her buddy Charlotte can become the first women’s champion to win a Rumble. The Sonya/Naomi feud is drawn out even more until their match at WrestleMania.

Speaking of women’s champions, Becky should have no problem with Doudrop. Who does Becky face at Mania? Ronda Rousey’s music hits and there you go.

Edge and Beth vs Miz and Maryse is one I figured would happen at WrestleMania. This must mean this feud ends and Edge moves onto a different opponent, right? Right? Edge and Beth win.

I’ve covered Becky and Doudrop. Becky wins, obviously.

The men’s Rumble is tough to call. As I said above, Big E isn’t winning. In fact, what I could see is something that gives away another match prediction. Brock Lesnar loses the WWE Championship to Lashley, enters the Rumble and wins it.

If Charlotte doesn’t win the women’s Rumble as I stated earlier, I think surprise entrant Ronda Rousey will. Either way, fans won’t be happy.

Roman Reigns will retain over Seth Rollins. This will set up Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania for the Universal Championship. For that to take place, Lesnar needs to lose the WWE Championship to Lashley. Somehow, he will. Maybe Heyman will turn on Lesnar. Maybe Reigns will appear and cost Lesnar. Either way, Brock isn’t walking out WWE Champion but WILL be challenging Reigns at WrestleMania.

I really think the Royal Rumble could be fun tonight. Sit back, get yourself a pizza and Coke Zero (or something else if you aren’t into that) and enjoy!

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