Wrestle Review: I’d like to give my wishes for several individuals and what I see in 2022

For my next to last column of 2021: post-Christmas edition, I’d like to give my wishes for several individuals and what I see in 2022. Now that Cody Rhodes has, for whatever reason, regained the TNT Championship, I’d like to see Malaki Black get a title shot and dethrone Cody. I’d like to see and combination of the Inner Circle, at some point in 2022, become AEW tag team champions. It’s a shame that Santana and Ortiz have yet to be tag champs. Maybe it’s them. I’d put my money on Sammy and Jericho, though. As far as the world championship goes, I’d like to see Hangman hold it for at least half the year. If AEW wants to continue their momentum of their championship reigns actually mattering, Hangman needs to hold the title until at least the middle of the year, if not fall 2022. I’m glad they’ve put more emphasis on women’s wrestling. And with the crowning of the initial TBS Championship impending (which I’d love Ruby Soho to win), I think AEW is on the right track for women’s wrestling.

For WWE, I guess it’ll soon be a return to the Thunderdome. At least it probably should be. With the recent outbreak of Covid cases causes performers to pull out of shows: Seth Rollins, Big E and more, it’s looking like Day One on New Year’s Day might be very lean, if not canned altogether. Safety should definitely prevail over entertainment during these times. For WWE, just like for the world as a whole, I’d love to see the end of Covid. Unfortunately, it appears Covid isn’t going away in my lifetime. Just yesterday, I was in Wal-Mart with my N95 mask on and there were quite a few maskless. And don’t even get me started on church! But I digress.

For Impact Wrestling, well I guess they’re still doing that Wrestle House thing? The Impact-AEW relationship is dead so my wish of any kind of AEW vs Impact match died with it. I honestly didn’t think that relationship would last long. But I thought it might last more than a few months. For Moose(world title), Jordynne Grace(Digital Media champ-what is that), VBD(tag champs), Trey(X Division) and Mickie(knockouts), I wish for long reigns.

I do have to commend WWE for the long reign thing. Roman Reigns has been Universal Champion Brock Lesnar’s first reign as Universal Champion was 504 days. Reigns is currently at 482+ days in his current reign. He’ll definitely surpass it this time around. I’d say unless he loses at Day One but let’s be real, that’s not happening anytime soon. I used to have predictions or guesses as to who could dethrone him. Now? I got nothing. For a moment, I thought it’d be Bron but now, I’m not so sure. He might get fed up with the company and leave before his call-up. I could honestly see Reigns as Universal Champion in December 2022.

I’ll be back next weekend. I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and have a great end of 2021!