Wrestle Review: Feeling a Draft

“Without any further ado, please help me”. We all feel that way sometimes, Sonya. It’s ok. Lol she literally said that at the begining of the draft. Speaking of, Raw gets WWE champion Big E, Bianca Belair, RK-Bro, Edge, Ripley and A.S.H, Keith Lee, Rey and Dom Mysterio and Austin Theory(The Way, NXT). Smackdown retains Roman Reigns, adds Charlotte Flair, Drew McIntyre, Corbin and Moss, Hit Row(NXT), Naomi and Jeff Hardy. Odd that these don’t take effect until after Crown Jewel but whatever.

The Seth/Edge invasion angle….first of all, Seth had an apple and o.j from Edge’s fridge. I commend the fruit-based concept but that’s an odd mixture. Of course, I never thought about watermelon banana until I drank the BodyArmour drink. It’s fantastic!

Edge telling Beth to call Daniel and David was a nice touch. Those are the real names of their real-life friends of FTR.

Pac, Andrade, Mox, Lance Archer, Orange Cassidy and Matt Hardy are participants in the Casino Ladder Match on the October 6 edition of Dynamite. There will be a Joker which I fully expect to be Hangman Page. Kenny Omega will be teaming with his Elite buddies to take on Christian Cage, Danielson and Jurassic Express. Should be a great night!

What happens on the Raw side of the draft Monday? Why don’t these changes not take effect until after Crown Jewel? All these questions and more will be answered this coming week!