Wrestle Review by Andy Sullivan – AEW Revolution and more

I’d like to start out this weekend by sending my best wishes to Big E. We saw the nasty landing last night and E’s video from the hospital assuring us he’ll be ok. I wish him the best in recovery.

I was unable to catch AEW Revolution last Sunday because I wasn’t feeling well. The debut of William Regal and the recap of all the action I saw online solidified I missed a great show. However, the ante was upped Wednesday night when Jeff Hardy debuted, coming to Matt’s aid when AHFO fell apart. We also saw the final destruction of the Inner Circle and the debut of a heel Chris Jericho led Jericho Appreciation Society.

The reuniting of The Hardy’s, complete with their old music, was great to see. One of the first matches that comes to mind that’d be cool to see is Matt and Jeff vs Private Party. Page Van Zant debuting Wednesday and taking out Tay Conti was an eye opener. Are we going to get Sammy and Tay vs Scorpio and Page? I’m thinking yes. AEW really hit it out of the park this week, didn’t they?

The end of Smackdown was focused on getting us invested in Charlotte vs Ronda at Mania. Is it working? It’s interesting that Sasha Banks’ WrestleMania match is a tag title match with Naomi.

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