Wrestle Review: Another One Bites The Dust(?)

Tuesday, it was announced that Tony Neese had signed with AEW. Wednesday, it was announced that ROH talent would be released from their contracts by the end of the year. This spells, I figure, the end of Ring Of Honor. It’s crazy to think that, in my lifetime, I’ve seen the birth and death of four wrestling companies(WCW, ECW, USWA and ROH).

I did skim Raw. They actually put together a damn good main event for once! The ladder match to determine Big E’s next challenger was really good! Seth Rollins overcoming Rey Mysterio, Fin Balor and Kevin Owens was just phenomenal. Seth Rollins vs Big E will be a banger when it happens! It’s also a revisit of their NXT Championship match years ago. But I’m fairly certain the Raw commentators won’t mention that. I’d be shocked if they did. NXT has become the red-headed stepchild to WWE. Even when they call up a talent from NXT, I’m shocked when it gets a mention.

Speaking of NXT, how we feeling about the landscape after Halloween Havoc? Ciampa defeated Steiner’s son in the main event to retain the NXT Championship. Toxic Attraction holds the tag and women’s titles after Tuesday. I’m glad Mandy has found her groove.

Smackdown saw King Woods and Sir Kofi defeat the Uso’s. These teams always have good matches with each other. I did notice that Smackdown tv broadcast was sans-Reigns for the first time, I believe, all year. He was on the show after the cameras stopped trolling, teaming with Jimmy and Jey. Paul Heyman even got in on the act! Heyman is hilarious?

the Full Gear card became clearer this week. Additions were Inner Circle vs Top Team as a resulted stip of Sammy successfully defending the TNT title against Ethan Page. Lucha Brothers made the challenge to FTR for the tag titles. MJF v Darby Allin was signed as well. With 2 Dynamite and Rampage episodes remaining before the November 13 event, I’m sure more good ones will be added. Gotta have those tournament finals, too!

That’s all for this week! As always, I’d appreciate it if you checked out my podcast, Blendertainment, wherever you listen to your podcasts. I’ll be right back here next weekend!