Wrestle Review: AEW and Survivor Series

As is customary when a challenger faces a champion who is a de facto member of a group, Bryan Danielson will face every Dark Order member until his Winter Is Coming title match with Hangman Page. He defeated Evil Uno last week. This Wednesday he faces and defeats Colt Cabana. Winter Is Coming is December 15. Last year, we saw Kenny Omega win the world title from Jon Moxley and we saw the arrival of Sting. This year, will we see Danielson win the AEW title and the arrival of the former Bray Wyatt?

Now onto the Survivor Series with, dare I say the least amount of build and the least buzz in the 30+ year history of the event. It saddens me to see how far this once-great event has fallen. And it’s even harder to be excited about an event from a company who’s tyrannical owner just canned more talent this past week for “budget cuts” purposes. Why even call up Hit Row if you’re just going to fire them a few weeks later? And canning John Morrison? Who’s next? The Miz? Anyway, on with the rest of my column.

Smackdown tag champs Jimmy and Jey Uso will face Raw tag champs RK-Bro. This should be a pretty good match, actually. As should Reigns and Big E. I think the Uso’s pick up the win here.

Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura will lose to U.S. Champion Damien Priest. Priest is on the rise. Nak is, well I’m shocked he’s still I-C champ, honestly.

The women’s traditional match is team Raw(Bianca, Rhea, Liv, Carmella and Zelina) vs team Smackdown( Sasha, Shotzi, Natalya and I figure Sonya Deville. Or they’ll announce Naomi only to have a “mystery attacker” take her out. That mystery attacker will turn out to be Sonya, of course. I pick Smackdown. I think Sonya will bend the rules in her favor. She may even be the sole survivor.

Seth Rollins, Finn Balor, Kevin Owens, Austin Theory(WTF) and Bobby Lashley comprise Team Raw for the men vs Drew McIntyre, Jeff Hardy, Corbin and a TBA that better be Xavier Woods. And Woods better be the sole survivor, too. If you’re going to push him, I say go all in.

Smackdown women’s champ Charlotte vs Raw women’s champ Becky Lynch has an element of Bret vs Shawn. Or at least that’s the picture being painted by some. I don’t see Charlotte leaving if she loses or anything like that. I do think Becky needs the win if there is indeed a winner. What would a Charlotte win mean? Honestly, what does a win by anyone on this show mean? There should be stakes to this event every year. Remember the year that each member of the winning team got to run their respective show for a week? That was fun.

The main event is WWE Champion Big E vs Universal Champion Roman Reigns. Big E is riding a monster wave of momentum but this is Roman Reigns we’re talking about. A loss will hurt neither man’s credibility. Big E will lose. This way, Reigns will be celebrating and his next challenger will make himself known. Probably King Woods.

That’s a wrap on my column this weekend. Thoughts and prayers go out to the released talent this past week. Vince McMahon can kiss my…well anyway. And before you say “but you’ll be watching Survivor Series I bet”, no I’ll probably watch Sunday Night Football. And hey, even if I do end up catching a replay on Peacock, I’ve got time. A foot sprain will give you all the time in the world, believe me!