Will The Bloodline be the greatest faction ever?

Are we looking at the greatest faction ever in WWE?

Recently we have seen a metaphoric rise of The Bloodline to become a dominant force within the WWE. How do they compare to some of the other factions we have seen over the years? Are they up there with DX, Evolution, The Shield, and others? Before I say my opinion let’s talk about the formation of The Bloodline.


Since Roman won the Universal championship in 2020 he has anointed himself the “Head of the Table” and “The Tribal Chief”.  During that time, Roman aligned himself with Paul Heyman,  then forced his cousin Jey to say I quit.  Jey doing this also had to acknowledge Roman as his Tribal Chief.  On the Smackdown after Hell In a Cell, Jey battled Daniel Bryan for a spot in the Smackdown Survivor Series team. After winning the match, Roman order Jey to attack Bryan. Thus turning heel and earning the nickname, “Main Event Jey Uso.” This is when Jey started to rise as a true singles competitor.  

In May of 2021 we saw Jimmy Uso return and immediately go against Roman and Jey. Jimmy  called Jey, “Roman’s Bitch” and did not approve of the alliance. Jimmy then proceeded to wear a “Nobody’s Bitch” shirt insinuating that he will never be with Roman. One month later he did team with Jey against The Mysterio’s. Jimmy eventually did join with Roman and thus cemented the formation of “The Bloodline”

Total Domination

Since June of 2021 when the Bloodline officially formed, they have reigned dominant. Their dominance was not only over the Smackdown roster but the entire WWE. While Roman was the Universal Champion, the Uso’s captured the Smackdown Tag Team championships. This allowed every member of The Bloodline to have gold around their waist. From June 2021 until now, not only has The Bloodline retained those championships, they have added onto it.

At WrestleMania 38 Roman defeated Brock Lesnar to unify the WWE Championship and the Universal Championship to become the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion and has held that title since then. The Uso’s wanted to follow suit and become Undisputed Champions so they challenged RK-Bro. This match was supposed to take place at WrestleMania Backlash but was turned into a 6 man tag.  Then they eventually did fight on an episode of Smackdown and won.  This win allowed them to become the Undisputed Unified Tag Team Champions.  The Bloodline now has all the gold.

They have continued to show their dominance over the main roster. No one seems like they are able to beat any of them when they are together. Bringing in Solo Sikoa to help out and join The Bloodline, has just made them stronger.  Once Solo joined he won the NXT North American Championship. He was forced to relinquish the belt 2 weeks later as he was not a valid member of the NXT roster.  Last but not least, I can’t forget to mention Sami Zayn Uso. Sami has been such a breath of fresh air during the entire time that he’s been with the Bloodline.  Everything he’s done has been the best work of his career and is just getting eaten up by the WWE Universe.  Sami has become the most lovable member of The Bloodline.

My concluding thoughts.

Everything I have stated above is only a part of the reason why I think The Bloodline is going to go down in WWE history as the greatest faction ever. Starting from the beginning of Roman’s return from not participating during the first few months of Covid until now. This has been the most enjoyable run of his career… yes even better than the time in The Shield.  Bringing in his family in order to build a faction like this was a brilliant idea. Then for them to capture gold, hold on to it, and turn them into undisputed titles for as long as they have is magnificent.

Roman is currently the Universal Champion for 806+ days and counting and The Uso’s having the Smackdown Tag Team Titles for 484+ days. Roman has not been pinned since December 2019 vs Baron Corbin. He has only one loss on his record since then and that loss was to Seth Rollins via DQ.  These stats just cement The Bloodline and will make them the greatest faction of all time.

What are your thoughts?