What’s happening? Too much.

The last few months in the professional wrestling world have seen many amazing things happen but there is one thing that’s a miss and I even hate myself for feeling like this…


Now let’s get the record straight, I have been WWE, then WWF to the core since I was very young. I was never into WCW, not till 1996 anyway which is when it came onto our screens via TNT once Cartoon Network would closedown.

I learnt what WCW was via their famous Galoob action figures which my parents and grandmother bought for my brother and I. It was the only way I was able to obtain a Ric Flair action figure, he had left WWE for WCW in January 1993. I was even a fan of Sting’s before I even saw him wrestle! How crazy is that?! Not very, but anyway, it is not the relevant to this story.

I have seen witnessed some of the most amazing moments any wrestling fan will agree with, I have been disappointed, I have been angry and I have even cried with WWE, no shame in admitting that. Lately? I don’t know what’s wrong with me BUT I guess I am not in the minority here that feels that there is a lot of lacklustre within WWE and this is not me throwing darts at any of the talent, they all deserve our praises but it is tough to watch at times or worse, it is hard to stay glued to the product.

WWE comes on very late here, so if you stay up for RAW or SmackDown, you’re up till 2am my time and then going to bed when the show ends 5am and 4am respectively. It is not a bad deal for when it comes to SmackDown because it is on a Friday night but for RAW and to stay up on a Monday to Tuesday night for three hours and all the commercial breaks is too much and tiresome. I allude to my NoDQ colleague Mr Tito and applaud him for writing that RAW should go back to being a two hour show. It is LONG overdue!

Now there is some stuff on WWE TV that I love. The Bloodline, Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston, Edge, Seth Rollins and more still find a way to keep me glued.

So why do I feel like this? The answer? I don’t know.

Is it their competition, is it the negative cloud that is over WWE HQ? Maybe it’s a mix of both things but the negative energy and the hate they get is enough to drive a fan away.. The irony here is that I haven’t been driven away, I just don’t know what is making me not watch it as much.

Aall these releases, the comments against Vince McMahon, the hype of all the other promotions and even Dark Side of The Ring have given professional wrestling fans a lot to talk about, be it good or bad and rightfully so, we do live in a democratic environment especially over the net.

To put it all into one blender will make the blender explode or worse, you could add it all into a pirex, put it on the stove and in no time, it will explode!

I hate to sound like a broken record but it’s a fact of life that if you don’t like something, be it a food or a drink, you don’t eat or drink it, simple BUT when it comes to WWE it seems that even as bad as it can be, we still perhaps tune in, week in and week out in the hope that things or something momentous happens. They can still pull out the rabbit out of the hat admittedly and it can’t be all AEW pulling that trick. WWE need to do the same, often and quick before they really do lose everything.

I find it hard to even discuss with my brother that the product is so dire, it breaks my heart because I grew up on them, there was no one better and even when I got into WCW and I had friends who were just WCW fans, I could never watch them exclusively. I watched both promotions and similar to now, I would find things from them that I loved. The scope is different now though as there is of course more wrestling to watch.

I don’t want to hate on WWE or even go against them, ever but this 33 year old for the first time ever is drifting away from them and I am sad at that thought.