Thoughts on CM Punk’s AEW debut and WWE Summerslam 2021 predictions

HE’S BAAAAAACK! CM Punk was in the middle of a wrestling ring last night for the first time in many years. I’d say the reaction last night rivals and maybe surpasses his 2011 Money In The Bank entrance, The first name he mentioned was Darby Allin. Darby vs Punk at All Out should be so good!! Punk debuting was so surreal. I honestly never thought in my wildest dreams I’d ever see him in a wrestling ring again.

It feels strange to say that a 2 hour wrestling show was a letdown after watching a 1 hour wrestling show but that’s how I felt. Let’s discuss the mess with Corbin and Big E. Big E got his case back. I was honestly afraid they were going to make a colossal blunder and have Corbin win the case in a match at Summerslam. Thankfully we’ve dodged that bullet. Haven’t we? The Reigns/Cena promos have brought it but we know Reigns is retaining. The Edge/Rollins promos have brought it but we know Rollins is winning. Now let’s get to predictions!

Poor Alexa Bliss has the task of getting in the ring with the terrible Eva Marie. If this match even happens. I expect her to feign injury and her proxy get in their against Bliss. Either way, I’m picking Bliss to win.

Post-championship Drew McIntyre has been a mess. From his history lesson ramblings to this curtain-jerker match with “curtain-jerker Jinder”, I think a Claymore will put not only Jinder out of his misery, but us fans out of ours.

Edge is a special attraction guy. Rollins is in WWE’s back pocket as an anytime challenger. That said, Rollins winning has less value with Reigns on top. And since Edge lost his last feud, it’s only right he rebound with a SummerSlam win.

Damien Priest will win the United States Championship from Sheamus. If you were ever going to pull the trigger on the guy, the time is now. Sheamus will be fine with a loss here. The Uso’s will retain the titles against the Mysterio’s. Dominik will either be the reason and/or will get frustrated and leave Rey in the ring. I still think we’re going for father vs son at some point. Maybe this gets us closer to that match.

Styles and Omos vs Orton and Riddle for the Raw tag titles. A retention would be pointless. The ups and downs of the team of RK-Bro needs the payoff of them winning the titles.

I guess we’re going to have Bianca vs Sasha? I say that because there have been issues with them not appearing. I won’t speculate but I did have my guess as to why. Hopefully all is well now and we have this match. I think Bianca retains.

Look no further for your title change than WWE’s golden goose, Charlotte Flair. She’ll be like Goldberg in 20-30 years, won’t she? WWE brings her out of retirement because they think she’ll give them a ratings pop. She’ll probably be on title reign 30 by then. One of those reigns will come tonight when she wins the Raw women’s championship.

Speaking of Goldberg, will he do like he did earlier this year and put over the WWE Champion or will he do what I expect and beat Lashley for the WWE Championship? Time will tell but I think we’re all thinking the same thing.

Roman Reigns vs John Cena is the main event. Cena is looking to break Ric Flair’s record and win #17. I thought for a second, after Flair asked for his release, they’d play the sour grapes card and have Cena win #17. However, Roman is on to much of a roll for it to end now. Reigns retains. I think they should have the next challenger show up and come face to face with Reigns to end the show. That next challenger? Fin Balor.

NXT Takeover 36 is Sunday night. Let’s take a look at the card. Ridge Holland vs Trey Baxter is the kickoff match. Ridge wins a fairly easy one.

LA Knight defends the Million Dollar Championship against Cameron Grimes. If Knight wins, Ted Dibiase becomes Knight’s butler. As entertaining as that scenario might be, it’s time for Grimes to go over.

Walter vs Ilja Dragunov for the UK Championship should be brutal. Much like Roman Reigns, Walter is unstoppable. I just had a thought: Reigns vs Walter! Please give me that match sometime, WWE! Walter retains.

Kyle O’Reily will defeat Adam Cole in their 2 out of 3 falls match. If the rumors of Cole leaving are true, why have him win. If he wins, though, it likely means he signed a new deal.

Raquel Gonzalez defending the women’s championship against Dakota Kai is another match where the champ should retain.

Karrion Kross defending the NXT Championship against Samoa Joe will main event the show. With Kross being on Raw, he needs to lose the NXT Championship at some point. And who wouldn’t love to see Joe win that title again?

There you have it: my Punk, NXT and Summerslam wrap. I hope you all enjoy this weekend of wrestling! And don’t forget to check out my Blendertainment podcast wrap-up of all the action and then some Sunday after the festivities!