There are way too many titles to be held in professional wrestling

The time is now.

I believe there are way too many titles to be held in professional wrestling. Between all the promotions claiming their top talent as “world champion” is sort of laughable, male or female, not only today but throughout history.

I also believe that all wrestlers and fans can agree on one thing. The top male talent in WWE is the true champion of the world in professional wrestling.

The bottom line is, WWE has too many belts, and it is time to unify their top titles. With the current title holders and storyline there is no better time than now.

Currently WWE uphold 10 championships: Universal, WWE, Intercontinental, United States, RAW’s Women, Smackdown’s women’s, WWE womens tag team, RAW’s tag team, Smackdown’s tag team and the 24/7 title…

That is certainly too many champions. With every other superstar on television carrying a belt, well… they all lose prestige. With the current state of champions, storylines, The Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania I believe that WWE can truly take advantage of this.

My idea is this. Unify the top male and female titles. One singular top male and female champion, and one each top men’s and women’s tag team, and well the 24/7 title… that all float between and above both RAW and Smackdown.

This will allow those who hold the belts to appear on multiple shows with different contenders, opponents, angles and storylines. That doesn’t mean they would have to overexpose these talents, but they could continue to be involved in without being on both RAW and Smackdown.

I understand most will ask, “What about the house shows?” Well this would be excellent in the brand split. Think about it. RAW’s top male would be the United States champion, and the International champion the same for Smackdown. They as such could be number one contenders for the unified (Undisputed) Heavyweight Champion. Or at the very least, a top contender.

The womens roster being somewhat thin would also benefit from a unified (Undisputed) champion. Same for tag teams to claim victories and climb the ladder. Roman Reigns has been Universal Champion for 500+ days. Brock Lesnar is the new WWE champion. Their storied rivalry could come to a head at Wrestlmania night one to unify the titles. With the rumble winner facing the unified champion at night two.

Picture this: Brock and Roman retain their titles and go ahead with the title for title match teased on last week’s smackdown. With this year’s Royal Rumble winner, a babyface, (we’ll say Aj Styles for the sake of fantasy booking), looming over them vying to dethrone either heel on night 2 of wrestlemania. Toss in an injury angle, include Stone Cold Steve Austin, 2 awesome main events for wrestlemania! Charlotte Flair can win the rumble. Choose Becky as her opponent and we can possibly get Becky two-belts again. Ultimately retiring two extra belts, and introducing 2 new undisputed belts! Why not? Most fans don’t really like the current designs of the men’s or female belts.

The short of this writing is WWE needs to emphasize their top talent and also build up other stars to make them believable contenders. My opinion as to how they might do that would be to cut out some of the top belts, and add more interest into those reaching for that brass ring.

Big E. Wasn’t a bad champion, but he was overshadowed because the Universal title just seems to hold more prestige by WWE management. Which seems to happen to all titles because of an oversaturation.

And I don’t want another rumble winner to open Wrestlmania or be shuffled into the middle of the card. When Becky won and went on to main event Wrestlmania, that’s what the rumble is about.

This is the WWE, and well, never say never.

I just hope they don’t ruin what good they have going with Roman Reigns because rumor has it they want Seth Rollins to have a belt to defend on Raw.

Hears to the Royal Rumble, which is always exciting!