The X-Factor: WarGames, and other things

To think, there was a time they wanted to get rid of Survivor Series. Yet, if they don’t have the traditional elimination tag match, can you even call it Survivor Series? Maybe just call it War Games from now on.

Last year’s was my first WarGames. It was one of the better PPVs/PLEs of 2022. Really glad it was on a Saturday.

Let’s all be thankful Ari Emanuel is keeping Vince’s greasy mitts away from creative.

I do have other thoughts I need to vent about.

The Judgment Day

Can they please take the Women’s title off Diet Chyna now? I can’t think of a meaningful thing she’s done with it since. Rhea Ripley being the real leader of the JD is all good, but by now that gold is only there to symbolize how dominant they are. 

Speaking of, are we gonna see an Evolution situation once Damian Priest cashes in? Perhaps Finn Balor or Ripley will get annoyed with Priest claiming the neo Big Gold belt, say he’s too big for his boots. Or Priest will kick Balor and McDonough out and feud with them.

The faction will need to go through an evolution soon unless they wanna risk going stale.

The Bloodline

A group that has all but run its course. 

Two of its members can actually say they’ve beaten John Cena one on one, but what’s left? Solo winning the U.S. title? Tag titles again? 

Perhaps they shouldn’t wait until Philly for the story to be finished, not if they’re aiming for Roman Reigns vs. The Rock. 

The next Royal Rumble is to be in a stadium. As good a place as any for Cody Rhodes to get the gold. Some of you would consider it blasphemous not to win it at WrestleMania, but I don’t. Cody can only spin his wheels so much before the time comes.


Not a deal-breaker, but here’s my dream scenario.

Rey Mysterio does an Eddie Guerrero tribute on the 11/10 Smackdown, but Dirty Dom chooses that moment to push daddy’s buttons. Except he pushed the wrong one and Rey makes a statement. “Dominik, I’m joining Sami Zayn’s team in Chicago. This time you can’t run away like the scared boy you are!”

What could really happen is Drew McIntyre turns and takes up the Eradicator on her offer. This leaves Team Sami – since he’s “leading the charge” – looking for a fifth man. It could be John Cena because he’s good like that. Perhaps Rey if my scenario comes true. L.A. Knight since he needs the push. How ‘bout Kevin Owens?

Of course. I know who you’re all thinking of. It’s in Chicago. 

WWE has a LONG history of putting grudges to bed, and nine years is a long time to hold onto this one. Let’s say it is CM Punk. How long before the novelty wears off and the smart fans are back to groaning about him again? Will he be able to keep his ago in check for once?

Or what if the fifth man is Brock Lesnar? I know, but hear me. Team Sami alludes to a fifth man, and the JD doesn’t know until that countdown timer ticks to zero. “Here Comes the Pain” hits, and Balor, Priest, Dominik, McDonaugh, and their fifth standing there looking like they wanna run. 

“Cult of Personality” blaring in the Allstate Arena would send Chicago into a frenzy, but so would Lesnar. The thought of the Judgment Day getting the ever loving hell beaten out of them would clinch it for me.

There we go. Still a few weeks away. 

Don’t mess with the X.