The X-Factor: Truth vs. Ideals

There’s been no shortage of hate and complaining from the wrestling fans, which was especially strong during two specific times in the last eight years. They both involved Daniel Bryan.

What’s gotten to me about the haters is just how desperate they’ve been to stick to the narrative they’ve written in their heads. For four years, they stuck to the same tired and thin excuses about Roman Reigns. They couldn’t come up with new reasons to slam him, and it served to make them look stupid.

How many thought he didn’t have leukemia? Anyone else, it would not have even crossed their minds.

The truth is just too inconvenient for some people.

The NXT faithful never really admitted it. Triple H was held up as the savior of WWE and the smart fans were counting the days until Vince McMahon would finally step down. When he had the chance, he couldn’t raise NXT to the height where its fans envisioned it to be.

I saw it coming a long time ago. Like his ego-tripping wife, there have been entire listicles talking about the negatives of Triple H’s career, how much his ego ruined the product, and how others have paid for his insecurities. If he wasn’t so insecure, then those who “got the call” could’ve fared far better. HHH needed to be loved and put on a pedestal so bad that he created a shadow promotion in WWE. He made sure people knew who the driving force was.

There is a difference between the truth and ideals.

Were any of you expecting CM Punk and Bryan Danielson’s arrivals in AEW to be Scott Hall and Kevin Nash all over again? They lit the wrestling world on fire for moments, but the novelty wore off, right? You expect a WWE castoff to go All Elite and become the next big thing. That’s the ideal held by their fans.

It’s one thing for a fan to be entitled to their opinion, but choosing not to see the truth just makes them look bad.

We can all do better. We can be better fans, appreciate what we love, respect others opinions, and not be haters.

There’s been no shortage of hate from the IWC. All of those who are targets of it, you need to remember something important. They’re people too.

Don’t mess with the X.