The X-Factor: Thoughts on the Royal Rumble

It has been said SummerSlam is the 2nd biggest event of the year. No, it’s not. That’s the Royal Rumble. You don’t need me to tell you why.

Looking back, it’s kinda funny. In 2014, Batista was in the right place at the wrong time. If Daniel Bryan wasn’t gonna be the man, then the people were gonna make life hell for Vince McMahon. This was one occasion he couldn’t fight the tide.

He would try the next year, and through no fault of his own, Roman Reigns was the target of the fans’ venom. What was at first discontent over direction became blind, illogical, and hypocritical hate towards the man positioned to take John Cena’s role as the top man. 

The hate was so strong that some believed he lied about his leukemia to stop the hate train.

The next year brought the arrival of AJ Styles, one of the best all-rounders in the business. The Rumble after that, him and Cena tore the house down in San Antonio. 2018 heralded the first women’s Royal Rumble, but sadly both winners were non-starters. Not the case the next year. 2020 was a year we all would like to forget, and I’m not talking about the wrestling. Well, some of it. As for 2021, both winners headlined WrestleMania.

A two-night ‘Mania. Leave it to the fans to whine about something they wanted for years. 

Now, back to what I said about 2018. I’m a little late to the party, but I need to say it. Triple H should’ve been demoted a long time ago. 

Who did he think he was working for? Why didn’t he do a better job of preparing his NXT stars for life on the main roster? Or maybe, they just couldn’t cut it?

I don’t watch NXT. I kept hearing the quality of matches was beyond compare. The IWC adored it.

Yet, it lost millions of dollars a year, it couldn’t beat AEW, and many of its talents – with some exceptions – floundered on the main roster. Was that Vince’s fault? Yes, but it was Triple H too.

McMahon is crazy but he’s not stupid. If he goes with the past legends, it’s because he’s looking to bring in the money and put butts in the seats. They called it the “Summer of Cena” last year. He wasn’t gonna put his son-in-law against Reigns. He can’t draw anywhere near Cena’s level.

Triple H knows that, and it’s driven his actions over his career.

They may never make another headliner on Cena’s level. They’re not gonna have someone like Liv Morgan or Damian Priest win their Rumbles. 

Well, I’m all talked out.