The X-Factor: The road to Philly for WWE Wrestlemania 40

The wait until the big one. There really isn’t anything like it.

Of course, even with Triple H calling the shots, there will be cynics. It’s in Philadelphia, a crowd I only prefer slightly more than New York. 

Let’s get into it.

The Judgment Day

The faction that really brings out the ‘mark’ in fans.

They’re going up to the record-smashing Intercontinental Champion and five-star wrestler Gunther, demanding his title. That just isn’t smart when they’ve got Awesome Truth and #DIY breathing down their necks. You did notice they teased Sami Zayn as a challenger for the IC.

With the New Catch Republic and Imperium in the mix, a Gauntlet match for the tag titles could be brewing, and could they really have Miz and Truth win?

The whole ‘smug snake’ thing is really wearing thin. Rhea Ripley is likely to leave Lincoln Financial Field with her strap, and to be honest, I wouldn’t cry if she didn’t. Save for the match with Charlotte, she hasn’t been setting the world on fire with the reign. They should really put Liv Morgan in there too. 


Having been at the 3/1 Smackdown, I wanted to hop the barrier and give her a hug.

Here’s my dream scenario. Bayley is in a funk over her coming title match, what with Damage CRTL having turned on her and all. Someone close to her reminds her of who she was – the Hugger – and she enters the stadium with her old music. The Bayley buddies come back too. Corey Graves would love that!

A pipe dream I know, but what if it was Izzy? Her old superfan is the one who brings her back.

Broken families seems to be a recurring theme lately.

The rest of the card

Jimmy vs. Jey, AJ Styles vs. LA Knight (Yeah!), the LWo vs. Legado del Fantasma, and a US Title bout all seem to be obvious. 

The main event(s)

Seth Rollins is no friend to Roman Reigns, but some of us have gotten the feeling he isn’t letting sleeping dogs lie. Rollins turning on Cody will also make Drew McIntyre the babyface by default. Either way, stacking the deck against Cody Rhodes would only make the finish of Night 2 taste so sweet, it makes us lose teeth.

If it’s Bloodline Rules, that opens the door for Jey Uso to potentially cost Roman the title. Would Drew be a factor too? 

As an Attitude Era guy, I felt the nostalgia seeing The Rock and a $500 shirt.

Cody could step out the night after saying both the Universal and WWE titles are still active despite the one strap. Cody then vacates the Universal Championship and calls for a unification bout at Backlash for the WHC as part of a revenge angle against Rollins if he does stab his partner in the back. Or, they simply get rid of the Universal title and move him to Smackdown.

This road has just about hit the right notes. 

Don’t mess with the X.