The X-Factor: The King of Harts’ legacy

Let’s get this out of the way. This is not gonna be a hate-piece towards AEW or Martha Hart’s family, but there are things I need to say.

I wasn’t watching WWF when it happened. All I heard was that Owen Hart had an accident at an event and he had died. Down the line I would learn more specifics.

It is telling that the ratings stayed high after Over the Edge. It’s also telling that only a handful of the Hart family – including Bret – were supporting Martha during her lawsuit against the WWF. She says that others in the family were working against her. I’m not saying she’s a liar. Maybe she embellished. Who knows?

One of Martha’s biggest issues is she doesn’t want WWE to profit off her husband’s name. So, why not use that? Her son Oje is a lawyer. They could’ve made a deal so WWE must send all profits to the Owen Hart Foundation. She knows the fans want Owen Hart in the WWE HOF. Also, they have his matches on Peacock / WWE Network. What is she doing with all those royalty checks they send her?

Owen in the HOF is not a deal-breaker for me. If it happens, it happens. One of the Harts has already said he would like to see it.

Three years ago, Bret Hart addressed these very issues, among other things. What bothered me is learning that Oje and Athena have no relationship with the Hart family as a whole. It was a talking point on Dark Side of the Ring that family came first for Owen. From what we have to go on, he would not want his kids distant from the rest of his blood. It resonates with me as my oldest sister has distanced herself from my family for 10 months now. We didn’t get to spend the holidays with her last year.

The King of Harts should be celebrated. His life, his career, and his love for family. Yet, when people look at AEW doing just that, some of them will think it’s taking another shot at WWE.

I’m gonna say it’s probably not the case, but the haters will think so as it fits an existing pattern.

Finally, I need to say that I’m not a hater. If anything I want AEW to do well, maybe even start a new Monday Night Wars. As much as he liked to play the victim – i.e. the Monday Night Wars series – he was at his best when he was on the ropes. Being challenged by WCW was the best thing to happen to him.

Don’t mess with the X.