The X-Factor: The end of the beginning

The IWC was counting the days until it happened. They wanted it, begged for it, and prayed for it. They just didn’t know how it would happen. Some of them just resigned themselves thinking Vince McMahon wouldn’t hang it up until he was dead.

It finally happened.

What’s always bugged me about him was the constant narcissism. The Monday Night Wars series often talks about Ted Turner stealing stars from the WWF and then going on to beat him in the ratings. It was a “history is written by the victors” show, but it did make a lot of good points as to why WCW went down the tubes. Vince did win the war, but victory wasn’t enough. He threw away money just to stick it to the company that nearly put him out of business. I’m talking about the Invasion of course.

Vinnie Mac should’ve been more grateful. Pro wrestling was red hot again because Hogan, Nash, and Hall started the nWo and made it interesting to see. WCW backed him into a corner and he came out swinging. Yet, it wasn’t so much that the WWF beat them. WCW beat themselves.

Vince McMahon is petty. He’s also generous in regards to his former wrestlers who needed rehab. He’s vindictive yet willing to set aside past beefs for making money. WrestleMania 36 went on in spite of a pandemic for the sake of entertaining us. He’s either a great guy or a total dickhead depending on who you ask or what year it is.

Paul Heyman once said Freud would need 900 pages to describe how his mind works. Rob Van Dam has stated he doesn’t blame him for his actions because he sees how broken he is. Were you aware he was constantly beaten by his step-dad? Talked about it in a Playboy interview. Said that he wished he would’ve killed him. I read that interview.

So now that he’s out, will Michael Cole start using the word ‘hospital’ now? Will words like ‘strap’, ‘belt’, and ‘title shot’ be heard?

The future of WWE is very, very ambiguous right now. Maybe I would be more confident if it wasn’t Stephanie McMahon getting her daddy’s job. 

In some ways she’s even worse than dad. Steph went on her own “reign of terror” during the Authority years that did no one any favors. 

Well, I guess that’s all I can say right now.

Don’t mess with the X.