The X-Factor: The Cult of Personality

Do they have your attention now?

Like many of you, I’m excited. I’m concerned as well. 

When he split almost 10 years ago, we knew nothing. Just rumors. Months and months there were “CM Punk” chants that were louder in Philly, New York, and, you guessed it, the Allstate Arena. 10 months later, it finally happened. 

Phil Brooks DID NOT have a lousy career: he won the ECW, World Tag Team, Intercontinental title, the WHC three times, and twice won the WWE title. The second was the famous 434 day reign. He also won Money in the Bank twice. 

Of course, there’s that match with John Cena. Why did that match have all that hype? You know why.

Yet, he’s spent time in the last 10 years trashing people too, not the least of whom was Seth Rollins who four years ago got in hot water with the IWC over his tweets. 

Was he unprofessional walking out? Yes. Is he full of himself? No question. Could he have handled his issues better? Yeah. What about AEW? If we’re being honest, Tony Khan shares the blame for that. To say nothing of Vince McMahon’s non-sensical booking, Triple H had a hand in Punk’s walk out. Let’s remember Punk was physically and mentally broken when he walked after the Royal Rumble.

This isn’t the first time hell froze over. It won’t be the last. Phil will have to swallow some pride if the locker room at large will accept him. 

How this will affect their long-term plans? You know I mean Philadelphia. This could mean Punk finally gets to headline a WrestleMania. They give him Night 1 and leave Roman to close out Sunday.

My dream for his first Raw back is him tearing down the Judgment Day. They are such dickheads that the ‘mark’ in me wants to hurt them. That is the point after all.

He has our attention. Let’s see how he rolls with it.

Don’t mess with the X.