The X-Factor: The Attitude Era – What we really miss

You ever play the Modern Warfare games? Whenever you die in the Campaign modes they show quotes related to war. Here’s one that always stuck:

“Whoever does not miss the Soviet Union has no heart. Whoever wants it back has no brain.” It just seems relevant here.

Yes, I’ll admit that column criticizing the Attitude Era triggered me, but not in the way you might be thinking. While there are things about the Attitude Era that just haven’t aged well, there’s something else about that time that gets glossed over: the simplicity.

You needed the TV Guide or the Prevue Channel to see what was on, you had to call to order a PPV, DVDs were barely emerging as a new medium, and having a cell phone made you a cool guy. Wanna watch music vids? Tune into MTV or VH1. You wanted to rent a movie? Head to Blockbuster Video, which for some was the only way to watch a WWF Pay-Per-View. Back in the day, magazines were the ‘dirt sheets’.

Who was worried about being PC in those days? There was no “cancel culture”, no hyped-up focus on promoting agendas, and being called a “social justice warrior” might be considered a compliment. You could say something controversial and be loved for it.

This is for those who whined about the racial content being cut. Why aren’t you talking about the Booker T – Triple H feud from 2003? It’s worth pointing out that other companies have done tasteless things too. They just get away with it more because they’re smaller.

The social climates of then and now? The difference is night and day. That’s another reason why we miss the Attitude Era. It was an easier time. In some ways it was better.

The haters wanna cry that Hollywood is being un-original, but the nostalgia factor is strong today. There are reasons for it.

The more tasteless parts of Attitude should be left behind, but I agree with online commenters that we shouldn’t pretend they didn’t happen. Even Disney+ is tackling the issues in a way Peacock isn’t.

Don’t mess with the X.