The X-Factor: The 2022 Awards

Can we all agree this was one of the busiest news years in wrestling? Not to mention game-changing?

Did you ever imagine when the year began it would end with Vince McMahon out of the picture? Yet, you might not think so given the way Raw is booked sometimes. Before he called it quits, I would skim Raw.

2022 is about to end. NoDQ does their own awards. It’s time for mine.

Biggest news story

Two way tie

1st winner: Vince McMahon calls it quits

Putting aside that he’s an adulterer and crazy old man, the wrestling world owes him a huge debt. We can respect him for being 77 and still going full tilt. Nevertheless, he HAD to go.

The thought of him making a comeback makes us all nervous. We’ll see.

2nd winner: Sasha Banks and Naomi are done

Perhaps Naomi could return one day given her husband has been around for 12 years. As for Sasha, I won’t hold my breath. I wouldn’t blame her for staying away.

Mercedes Kaestner-Varnado wasn’t just a cog in the machine. She killed herself for the company and had every right to want a Becky-level paycheck.

We all failed her.

Worst angle

Winner: Dexter Lumis and The Miz

It’s always fun to see Miz taken down a peg, but they really could’ve done this better. What’s more, the whole thing made Johnny Gargano look bad by extension. The whole thing seemed like classic Vince. Is he still running things somehow?

Faction of the Year

Winner: The Bloodline

As if it could be anything else. If anyone told you three years ago Roman Reigns would be the best thing on TV, they might’ve said you’re crazy. Some might’ve said it was possible.

Runner-up: The Judgment Day

Roman and his crew are magnificent bastards, but the Judgment Day are major heat magnets. The fans already wanted a reason to hate Dominic Mysterio, and they got one. Also, there was Rhea Ripley’s heinous con-chair-to on a helpless Beth Phoenix.

The mark in us wanted to see her crippled for that.

Best comeback

Two-way tie

1st winner: Stone Cold Steve Austin

How could it be anyone else?

The idea that the bell would ring for the first Steve Austin match in 19 years was enough to get us to renew our Peacock subs. WrestleMania was enough of a reason, but still.

He also had the good fortune to have Kevin Owens to wrestle with. Oh, and KO got to headline WrestleMania. Everybody wins!

2nd Winner: Cody Rhodes

Sadly, life can hit you hard. Cody’s 2022 was cut short by injury, but no one can say his return and feud with Seth Rollins didn’t kick ass!

Breakout star of 2022

Winner: Sami Zayn

We’ve all got to see how Ucey he is. I know, I had to do it.

Months and months of teased betrayal among other things gave us some of the best TV of the last few years. It boggles the mind that after 12 years The Usos are still a hot tag team.

Most underrated

Winner: Austin Theory

A low point that came from Vinnie Mac departing. It’s like they just didn’t know what to do with him. They couldn’t take the MITB case off him and onto someone like Owens? How about Sami to create tension? Drew McIntyre?

More than that, this happened under Triple H’s watch. If not Theory, Liv Morgan would’ve “won” this. She majorly suffered from bad creative especially post-SummerSlam. What makes it hurt worse is Liv’s love from the fans was organic.

Men’s Match of the Year

Two way tie

SummerSlam 2022

Undisputed WWE Universal Championship

Last Man Standing

Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns (C)

A bout in which the violence was matched by the craziness of it all. It had a mother****ing forklift!!

I’m not sure Brock vs. Roman was another Cena vs. Orton, but let’s all hope that was the end of that rivalry. If so, it certainly ended with the mother of all bangs.

2nd Winner

Survivor Series 2022

Men’s WarGames match

Drew McIntyre, Kevin Owens, Sheamus, Ridge Holland and Butch vs. The Bloodline – Roman Reigns, Sami Zayn, Solo Sikoa and The Usos

I had never seen NXT, so this PPV/PLE was the first time I’d ever seen WarGames.

While the match was great to watch, we were in it to see if they would pull the trigger on Sami. Where were his loyalties? Would he choose KO who he’s known most of his life? Would he choose the group who’s loyalty he fought to earn?

Women’s Match of the Year

WrestleMania 38

Raw Women’s Championship

Bianca Belair vs. Becky Lynch (C)

An angle that was months in the making. While many thought Bianca was ruined by the 26-second defeat, you look at it differently a year later. Big Time Becks tried everything to put her down, but the EST was getting her title back whether Becky liked it or not.

No doubt Becky is still hot, but there’s no denying Bianca is the present and the future.

Male Superstar of the Year

Winner: Roman Reigns

Could it really be anyone else?

Female Superstar of the year

Winner: Bianca Belair

Have a safe New Years people!