The X-Factor: Post WWE Wrestlemania 40 blues

Took a while to get over my post-Mania hangover, but I’m ok now. 

We’ve noticed Avengers: Endgame has been name dropped, so that would make WrestleMania 39 equal to Infinity War. That also makes me worry they’re gonna be like the MCU now and tread water. The last two years built up to Cody Rhodes’ crowning moment, so what now?

There are credible challengers. Among those who haven’t been WWE Champion there’s LA Knight, Gunther, Andrade, Bronson Reed, Jey Uso, Shinsuke, and Sami Zayn. As for the rest, we got Drew McIntyre, AJ Styles, Finn Balor, and Kevin Owens.

It’s a given. A good number of smart fans will say they don’t want him as champ anymore and push for someone new, then change their mind again. They’ll say they want Roman as champ again as if they weren’t clamoring for him to drop it.

I’m happy, don’t get me wrong. I’m just telling you what you already know. Pick a side and stick with it. Fickle isn’t a good look.

The draft is coming too. If the old boss were still around I’d be concerned. This brings me to my next point.

Dominik Mysterio going over to Smackdown and again poking the bear that is Rey Mysterio only exposed his biggest flaws. The fact that he had to get another match with dad in Philly means he has no other major rival and hasn’t grown beyond the whole “My dad’s a deadbeat” schtick. He’s gotten stale, and the Judgment Day risks that happening to them too.

One well done promo could fracture this evil family. Balor and Priest are put on blast for not using the Freebird Rule and treating Dominik and JD as a B-Team. Also the friendships they lost.

The draft also has me wondering if the LWO will wind up on Raw given Andrade’s beef with the Judgment Day, which they’ll have to explain. Seriously, move Dom’s character forward so we don’t have to hear him shout “deadbeat dad” over the crowd again.

I wanna see Liv Morgan get Ripley’s title. Plain and simple. 

The Bloodline? Well, Reigns has been defined by his record-smashing run, Jey Uso is on his own page, and now it has Tama Tonga, the son of Haku and a founding member of the Bullet Club. How they use Jacob Fatu is another thing.

We’ve seen a listicle or two of fantasy booking the next year, because that’s just how it is. 

If I had to, here’s mine. Cody has his gold stolen from under him and this sets up a match at 41 where he regains it. They spend the next year positioning GUNTHER for the WHC – maybe even turning him – or CM Punk given his cancelled match. Maybe it’s Sami Zayn’s time too.

If Rey is really calling it quits soon, it should be the motivation that gets Dominik to turn away from Rhea Ripley. Rey’s career should end on a heartwarming note. He deserves that and more.

It’s a new day people, and it really shows.

Don’t mess with the X.