The Women of Raw: Performance Review!

Welcome to Monday Night Raw where the women kick off tonight’s show! Alright, let’s get into it! Becky is out first, she says what we’re all thinking (or maybe it’s just me) “Doughdrop will never be champion.”

Don’t get me wrong, I respect the talent of Doughdrop, she’s decent in the ring, but everything about this character feels like an afterthought…even the name and how she was introduced. Before the tag match (Liv and Bianca vs Doughdrop and Becky) we get two new Women Royal Rumble entrants Bianca & Liv!

The tag match was standard. Nothing spectacular, Doughdrop gets the win by pinning Liv. If you’ve been keeping track that’s now two back-to-back wins over Liv. Looks like Livs push isn’t a top priority at this time.

Nikki A.S.H did a backstage segment, and I honestly have nothing to say outside of she turned hell and kept the same gimmick. I like Nikki, but this character isn’t doing her any favors at all.

It’s match time! Rhea Ripley vs Nikki A.S.H! Just as we’re getting ready for the bell to ring, Carmella and Queen Zelina with their paperweights also known as the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles come out to taunt Rhea. This allows Nikki an opportunity to attack her from behind. Nikki got the best of Rhea again, but the match never got started.

Dana ‘24/7 Championship’ Brooke and Tamina were there.

Maryse came out to ask Beth to cancel the mixed tag match and guys, the way she controlled the crowd during this segment was masterfully done, she is for sure the female version of Miz! Beth, also incredible on the mic isn’t buying what Maryse is selling and heads into the ring to give us a preview of what’s to come at the Royal Rumble! Miz appears and attacks Edge distracting Beth which allows Maryse an opportunity to hit Beth with A BRICK hidden inside of her purse.

Lastly, we get another Alexa therapy session and I’m starting to think this leads to a return of the Goddess character. I’m not loving these therapy segments, but I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes next.

This is my first column and I hope you guys enjoyed it! Looking forward to connecting with guys more and providing more reviews!

On a side note Vince McMahon at 76 is chilling backstage every week, but at 77 years old a “pregnant” Mae Young was taking power bombs through tables! I’m just saying.