The Week That Was – Zelina Vega’s return and more

Zelina Vega returned on Smackdown last night and, much like Carmella, was given a spot in Money In The Bank. First off, I’m glad she’s back. Second off, what has changed to allow her to return? In other Smackdown news, I’m pleasantly surprised that Kevin Owens qualified for the MITB match Friday night. I read somewhere Owens might be taking time off. Apparently the emphasis was on the word “might”. I expect Smackdown to have a last chance match as Raw did. Of course, Pearce will probably give a spot to someone. We do get Seth vs Cesaro in a qualifying match next week. Bayley vs Bianca in an “I Quit” match was also made official last night for the event. This is shaping up to be a good one.

MJF beating Sammy Guevara Wednesday night on Dynamite was an interesting take. I figured they’d put Sammy over. It was an exciting match on WWE Dynamite. I’m just going with how JR signed off. Ha! I’m not one to rake him over the coals for that like some on Twitter. It’s like I tweeted him, everybody makes mistakes. It’s fine. I’m sure the men and women in the back teased him pretty unmercifully about it afterwards, though.

I’ve not watched this past week’s Impact Wrestling but read Moose turned on Calihan and Sabin in the main event. Gee, I am shocked….not. You knew that team wouldn’t work. Reminded me of the In Your House: Canadian Stampede match with the makeshift team that lost to Team Canada. Look it up if you’re not familiar.

Next week in the wrestling world should be a wild one on all fronts. Everyone have a great Independence Day and I’ll catch you next week! Looking for something to listen to? Check out my podcast Blendertainment streaming anywhere you get your podcasts.