The top 39 greatest WWE Wrestlemania matches in history (part two)

With WWE Wrestlemania 39 approaching, I decided to create a list of my favorite Wrestlemania matches from over the years. The rankings have been determined from my own personal opinions but I took various factors into consideration including match quality, storyline, and overall impact. Here is part two…

30. The first Money in the Bank (Wrestlemania 21)

Money in the Bank became one of WWE’s yearly traditions starting with the first match at Wrestlemania 21. Being the first of its kind, it was holds a special place in history and had numerous highlights including Shelton Benjamin running up the ladder. Edge winning the briefcase was memorable as it led to his successful cash-in against John Cena almost a year later.

29. The Undertaker vs. Triple H (Wrestlemania 28)

This was only the second time that a Hell in a Cell match took place at Wrestlemania. Furthermore, you had Shawn Michaels as the special guest referee for the added dramatic effect. Perhaps even more memorable than the match itself was the aftermath with the three men embracing each other on the stage. It truly was the “End of an Era.”

28. Kofi Kingston vs. Daniel Bryan (Wrestlemania 35)

The match itself was excellent and as far as feel-good World Title changes go, this one definitely made one of the biggest impact on fans. Bryan was such a fantastic heel as “The Planet’s Champion” while Kingston had to get his opportunity against all odds. It was awesome to see Kofimania running wild after all of the years that Kingston had given to the company.

27. Shawn Michaels vs. Ric Flair (Wrestlemania 24)

It was far from the greatest technical match ever but it was a moment fans in attendance will never forgot. Flair’s final WWE match was an emotional sendoff with an absolute gut-wrenching finale. Michaels saying “I’m sorry, I love you” before the final super-kick and the post-match embrace never results in a dry eye for me.

26. The Undertaker vs. Kane (Wrestlemania 14)

The brother vs. brother feud between Undertaker and Kane was one of the most intriguing WWE storylines in the history of WWE. It wasn’t so much the moves in this match but rather the story of these two iconic characters doing battle for the first time that made it memorable. Even in defeat, it took Undertaker everything he had and then some to beat his brother and it was only the beginning of what was to come from the Brothers of Destruction.

25. Shawn Michaels vs. Bret Hart (Wrestlemania 12)

The first ever 60-minute “Iron Man” match in WWE history really gave Michaels and Hart to show the world the extent of their in-ring skills. Neither man could put the other one away and it took sudden death to determine a winner. Michaels “boyhood dream” coming true remains one of the most memorable endings to a Wrestlemania event.

24. The Ultimate Warrior vs. Hulk Hogan (Wrestlemania 6)

The stakes were as high as they could be during the time period with it being a Champion vs. Champion “winner take all” match. It was the two biggest babyface in WWE going against each other and there could only be one winner. It was the biggest moment of the Warrior’s career but it was a defining moment for Hogan as he showed the world that Hulkamania would not die even in defeat.

23. Hulk Hogan vs. Randy Savage (Wrestlemania 5)

The “Mega Powers exploding” was a storyline that played out over the course of a year and was compelling every step of the way. You had these two larger-than-life characters with Miss Elizabeth stuck in the middle. Hogan would go on to re-claim the WWE Title in one of his best matches.

22. Roman Reigns vs. Edge vs. Daniel Bryan (Wrestlemania 37)

As it was the first WWE event with a large crowd since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, it was the first time viewers got to see a live audience’s reaction to the “Tribal Chief” version of Reigns. All three men put on a great performance but it was Reigns’ domination that ultimately highlighted the evening. Reigns covering both men for the pinfall victory only further demonstrated that he was able to back up all of his trash talking from the previous eight months.

21. Hulk Hogan and Mr. T vs. Paul Orndorff and Roddy Piper (Wrestlemania 1)

This was the main event of the very first Wrestlemania and it was the definition of an attraction. You had the celebrity involvement of Mr. T teaming up with a red-hot Hulk Hogan. On the other side, you had Piper who was the most hated heel in wrestling at the time along with the very talented Mr. Wonderful. You add Muhammad Ali as the special guest referee and this match set the standard for Wrestlemania events in the future.

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