The Rock Returns to Claim Tribal Chief from Roman Reigns?

Earlier this week, I wrote about Jimmy betraying Jey in the Tribal Combat match main eventing Summerslam. The feedback was mixed from the IWC. Some agreed, some offered their own elaborations to my idea, some hoped it won’t actually happen and some said “it didn’t make sense.” This article is a follow up to that theoretical prediction.

As was stated in my previous article, Roman Reigns is rumored to hold the WWE Universal Championship until at least Wrestlemania. Roman is also rumored to be taking some time off after SummerSlam. Factor those two things together and it’s not feasible for Jey Uso to win the Championship at this time. Nor do I think Jey is actually ready to do so just yet. After SummerSlam without the title and with Roman gone, what will Jey do? That’s why the betrayal of Jimmy was a plausible theory in my mind. This feud would fill the gap during that time while giving some direction to both Jimmy and Jey while maybe Solo Sikoa struggles with whom to support. Jey and Jimmy have both stated their dream match would be to face each other at Wrestlemania and this will be a feud to determine who is the better man to take over for Roman Reigns as Tribal Chief. Their feud could culminate at Wrestlemania being the “rubber match”.

Paul Heyman made a statement on yesterday’s Smackdown and then Michael Cole reiterated, almost verbatim. I am quoting Michael Cole here: “there will be a declarative winner ruling no doubt left who will run the family, after tomorrow”. This is an ambiguous statement without stating the possibilities of either Roman or Jey. This could very well mean that the Rock returns after the match is over, possibly while they are presenting the Samoan Ula Fala to Roman. Rock can declare he is the true Tribal Chief and we have the Wrestlemania match setup between the Rock and Roman Reigns we were supposed to get last year.

Bloodline Civil War 2

These theoretical predictions would make a portion of Wrestlemania a Samoan Bloodline Civil War with Rock and Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship and true Tribal Chief (ending with Rock losing and officially “passing the torch” to Roman) and brother versus brother Jey Uso vs. Jimmy Uso to determine who is next in line to be the Tribal Chief.

Final Thoughts

Again, this is only a predictive theory, but what do you think? Do you agree? Disagree? Sound off in the comments below!