The Mystery and Excitement has GONE!

Good day all and thanks for reading my first column of the year right here on! NOW that I have had my own Mick Foley moment, I thought I would write about something very dear to me and that over the years I have felt has disappeared..

Just a few days ago my brother and I got to discussing how WWE were full of surprises in the lead up to WrestleMania when they relaunched the WWE Hall of Fame in 2004 and it’s true. I even remember them revealing two different inductees on both RAW and SmackDown respectively that year and of course as time went on, one a week and I was perfectly okay with that. They have changed the way they do things unfortunately and this is what this column today is all about..

Having worked in the media for almost nine years now I can understand how certain tabloids / websites can get exclusives, it is all who is willing to splash out the funds to obtain it but it is also WWE who share the exclusives to various media outlets so they all get the chance to break it as breaking news or as an exclusive. NOW.. Am I wrong in thinking that if they want it to make it as legitimate as they claim it to be that it should be them breaking this news? They have the platforms and the followers to do just that. I would be content even if they revealed an inductee a week on their weekly show The Bump which not only airs on the WWE Network but is broadcasted on all their social media platforms as well.

I just miss being surprised when WWE would reveal them on their weekly programming, that’s the conversation my brother and I had. He went on to mention how emotional I was when Shawn Michaels was announced as the first inductee for the Class of 2011, when Razor Ramon was announced for the Class of 2014 and so on. I just feel that the mystery and excitement of it all is gone..

Am I in the minority here? Are WWE not giving two hoots about their own Hall of Fame? Maybe the verdict is still out on my last question but it’s true.

I know it is very cliché to even suggest it but why not have a survey for the fans to have their say as to who should be amongst the inductees? Yes I know they will probably get names who we all know might never get inducted but I thought we lived in a democratic world.

I would be very interested to find out what you guys think about this. I am not exactly happy with myself for having written this but it has definitely lingered in my mind for a long time and I guess it needed addressing.

Catch you next time guys and thanks for reading ⠅⦐

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*David J Diaz aka The Rocket of NoDQ has been a professional wrestling fan for the last 33 years.