The MVP of WWE… Nick Khan – he has helped revitalize profits and big events in the last three years

With all due respect to Aaron Rift, Duke Loves Rasslin, Bill Apter and Mr Tito, they don’t realize who the real MVP is in WWE. No, it’s not Roman Reigns no matter how much money was made off the Bloodline. It’s not Cody Rhodes or LA Knight despite the merchandise sales of both. Not even Paul Levesque or NXT which according to most IWC are simply awesome.

No, the real MVP is the guy that wrestling fans hate despite the fact he has helped revitalize profits and big events in the last three years. He is the guy that has helped make celebrities stars and PLE’s a worldwide event.

The MVP of the WWE is Nick Khan.

(Pardon me as I quickly get my riot shield up as I can see the pitchfork crowd descending on me.)

Let me explain and when I am done, you will realize just how much he saved and revitalized the company.

Go back to the end of 2019 and beginning of 2020 and people were not happy with WWE inside and outside the cage. The new XFL had failed, and Vince was locked in a lawsuit with Oliver Luck that soured him within many business circles. AEW was gaining momentum and quickly becoming the darling of wrestling fans and even sports journalists.

The best thing business wise WWE did was the Saudi Arabia deal and even that brought a stench that had fans tuning them out.

In short, the WWE was having a tough time and people were wondering if the company would be passed by with AEW. Unbeknownst to most fans and insides, the best thing for business was about to join as Nick Khan joined the company in August of 2020.

One of the first things Nick did was help sign a great deal in the WWE Network to Peacock channel. Valued at a billion dollars over five years, the WWE network, which had at times been considered not worth the hassle, instantly became a boon. A much wider audience had access to WWE content and helped strengthen not just the WWE but NBC as well. No longer did fans have to pay to get access to a WWE Network that was not popular and had glitches at times. Now it was part of the NBC Network and the price and technical aspects were not WWE’s worry.

He also was very key in landing both Logan Paul and Bad Bunny as not just super fans but actual performers. Both men got into contact via Khan’s CAA ties and network which helped cut through red tape and get around managers and other personal camp advisors who often tried to steer celebrities away from pro wrestling for being “too carny”.

As one insider told me “Nick Khan has a ton of clout and network connections with powerful people that WWE didn’t have. The kind of celebrities and business that usually wouldn’t give WWE the time of day.”

Don’t believe me; just check out his network of friends and business associates and partners and it’s a who’s who of celebrities and powerful industry contacts. From Manny Pacquiao to Conor McGregor to even Steven Spielberg; those were many of the people that Khan represented when his tenure at CAA. He is credited for helping Top Rank land their TV deal with ESPN, UFC’s huge TV deal with ESPN and securing deals with DAZN as well as PBC-Top Rank’s Wilder vs. Fury deal.

In short he is a guy who has a ton of power via representing power players in sports, entertainment and sports media. You have to believe that has helped make companies like Marvel take a more serious look at Seth Rollins than they would before.

But his two greatest feats were helping land the Endeavor-WWE deal which nobody saw coming and the move to have PLE’s on Saturday. Both are things that under the previous management would never be possible due to the old school way of thinking and previous management views.

“Nick was brought in by Vince to help revitalize the company and in the beginning, people hated him. He was viewed as an outside.” One WWE credible source told me. “Now… he is viewed by some as Vince’s #1 guy to run the company. He has proven he can make them a ton of money.”

Khan has proven he has the company’s best interest in mind, even if its not popular at times with the fan’s passion. Many attested him to being behind the massive cuts two years ago during the pandemic. And even Khan has stated that he has no problem being the bad guy in the eyes of fans.

In an Interview with Ariel Helwani on TNT Sports he stated. “When something’s a disaster I want all the credit, when it’s a hit I want none of the credit. If I’m blamed for what the fans don’t like, that’s good by me.”

And yet he was the single biggest proponent on having the PLE’s on Saturday rather than Sunday. And he was the driving force of having Las Vegas’ Allegiant Stadium host the 2022 Money in the Bank PPV as well as helping Puerto Rico and London get PLE’s this year. All of it because he is wrestling fan as well except a shrewd businessman rather than a fan boy.

So while many call either Reigns, Rollins, Lesnar or even NXT the key to success for WWE, those in the know have stated that the biggest star is the guy that fans love to hate.

Its Nick Khan ladies and gentlemen.

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