The Money In The Bank qualifiers this year have been pleasantly surprising


The Money In The Bank qualifiers this year have been pleasantly surprising.  I was glad to see Ricochet, Riddle and John Morrison qualify this past Monday.  I was very glad to see Big E(my pick) qualify this past Friday.  And next week Sami Zayn will join the field.  I say that because it’s already been revealed that Kevin Owens will be taking time off.  Bliss, Cross, Naomi, Asuka and Carmella were, well, everybody but Carmella qualified.  For some reason, she was just given a spot by Sonya.  Liv Morgan said she should have to fight to get in, so she beat Liv.  Charlotte will get another shot at Rhea at the show.  What if Charlotte loses, attacks one of the participants and takes her spot? I could see it happening.  So, the guys have to qualify and the majority of the women are just given their spots? Not that I expect continuity and logic from WWE.  That’d be a fools errand.

Edge returning Friday night was pretty boss! Roman with the “I’ve beaten everybody” and then Edge comes out.  Of course he beats Edge at Money In The Bank.  I’ve already read some people crapping on Edge returning because, well, some people just like to crap on anything and everything.  I’ve been an Edgehead for years so I totally dig anytime he returns.  Of course he’s not winning championships.  That’s not what this run is about.  Now, onto Impact and AEW…

Impact Wrestling

Jordynne Grace is going to eventually turn heel on Jazz and Rachel Ellering, isn’t she? The signs are there.  The confrontation this past week on Impact was akin to a band-aid on the Grace/Ellering relationship.  I expect a match between these two at some point.  The announcement of Tommy Dreamer as an Impact authority figure(on screen, of course), I love it! Now we’ll have the trio of Moose, Callahan and Sabin(a true odd couple) against Omega and The Good Brothers reminds me of the old In Your House: Calgary Stampede match where the Hart Foundation defeated the unlikely squad of Austin, Ken Shamrock, Goldust and L.O.D.


Is Christian Cage inching towards a heel turn? I didn’t get that vibe from him last night but some did.  And I suppose if they’re going to eventually turn Brian Cage face, they have to turn someone heel to balance the scale.  Given his tense interaction with Jungle Boy last night, I see how some might’ve gone that route.  Christian did help Jungle Boy, saving him from a post-match beatdown before getting into it with Matt Hardy.  We’re getting Matt Hardy vs Christian Cage in an AEW ring at some point.  Their next pay-per-view isn’t until August, though.  I suppose they could wait until then.

I’ll close with this: Eddie Kingston’s  “WWE doesn’t have passion” promo was stupid.  By the way, it’s to be noted that Eddie Kingston was once in WWE.  Wonder if he got some texts from his friends who are still in WWE?

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