The Cornette Hivemind: No matter his opinion, he is highly relatable to someone

Jim Cornette, corney as he is known as by many.  The quintessential manager of the 80s and 90s.  Wrestling historian, former promoter, a booker…

And podcaster….

With all of the accolades, accomplishments, and achievements over the years, you would think if he talked, the wrestling world would listen.  Honestly, anymore he talks (in this order), listen, laugh, cringe, and convulse.  In most cases people like this are ignored, but not Corney.  He runs two podcasts that are produced by Arcadian Vanguard.  The Jim Cornette Experience and Cornette’s Drive-thru both hosted and produced by “The great” Brian Last.

Cornette doesn’t hold back on his opinions, which are usually charged verbal diatribes on what he considers, wrong with the industry.  He is to wrestling, what Donald Trump is to the presidency.  He is loud, obnoxious, and outspoken.  He creates chaos, and I’m pretty sure if you dig deeper, might have caused the animosity between WWE and AEW fans.  He is always the first to have distain for AEW and the last word on “Kenny Olivier, and the Cucamonga Kids”.

But he also shows how much he love/hates the WWE.  He will at times speak glowingly of the WWE because he once worked with them closely.  He is always careful not to bite the hand that fed him.   

He calls his audience the “Cult of Cornette”, which it truly is.  Because no matter his opinion, he is highly relatable to someone.  Which is a shame.  A man of the business, who is also a historian of sorts, spews hate and vitriol across the wrestling community.  And for what reason?  To stay relevant.

To date Cornette has had a twitter war with Matt Hardy (quite a lengthy one), which Matt Hardy ended in glorious fashion.  Waged war with Tony Khan, and the writers of WWE TV.

Why does he have the platform to go into vicious and vitriolic rants?  Simply put, there is an audience that will listen.  They will listen because for every fan that hates Corney, there are two listening to his podcast.  I have to usually turn it off when he gets into a profanity laced tirade about AEW, or a wrestler he doesn’t particularly care for.  Then he shoots on how he feels about a product and there is someone who will always agree.  That’s why Cornette, Bischoff, and any other podcast out there has listeners.

It’s their appeal to the person of that prospective.  But before you go off and spew your hate towards a product or wrestler, sit there and think a little.  Are you being played by a master manipulator?  Or are you listening to a podcast?

In closing, I say this.  Whether you think the product is good or bad, the wrestling sucks, or it’s awesome.  Don’t force your opinion on others, it doesn’t make you a better person, it only makes you a bully.  Enjoy wrestling!!!!

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