The Bloodline is Dead, Long Live The Bloodline

Well, it finally happened. Jey Uso has made his choice and it gave us another incredible segment for wrestling’s best storyline. After three years of standing by Roman Reigns, Jey chose to stay with his exiled brother, and with a family-breaking superkick, took out the man that helped him become “Main Event Jey.” I can’t level enough praise on this story. I must give credit where credit is due to EVERYONE involved in this storyline. Roman, Paul Heyman, the Usos, Sami, KO, Solo, all of Roman’s opponents, Triple H, the writers involved, and even -sigh- Vince McMahon. Even Vince deserves some credit for allowing all of this to start in the first place by letting Roman unite with Heyman and create this character. That being said, past credit for getting something right doesn’t excuse Vince’s transgressions and I firmly hold the belief that he shouldn’t be involved with this company anymore.

I find it hard to think of any major missteps taken in this storyline since it started in August of 2020. Roman’s work as the Tribal Chief is some of the best character work ever done in the WWE and it has elevated him to the star status that he always had the potential for but couldn’t reach being the “Big Dog.” He took a break from WWE when the Covid-19 pandemic brought everything to a standstill in March 2020. It didn’t stop WWE, however, and the show went on at the Performance Center in Orlando, FL. Roman Reigns was scheduled to face Goldberg for the Universal Championship at WrestleMania 36, but he took a leave of absence causing WWE to replace Roman with Braun Strowman. That was the best decision Roman made for his career, and his health. He came back six months later, took out Strowman and the Fiend, linked up with Paul Heyman, won the Universal title, and hasn’t looked back.

As champion, he’s been on the most dominant run of the modern era, has delivered fantastic matches, and has been the centerpiece of the best storyline in the business today. Two major cogs in that machine have been Jimmy and Jey Uso. Jey started out as Roman’s opponent, became his right-hand man, and reunited with Jimmy, leading to one of the most (arguably THE most) dominant Tag Team Championship run in WWE history. They had excellent matches with the New Day, the Street Profits, RK-Bro, and main evented Night 1 of WrestleMania with KO/Sami Zayn in an incredible match.

There is an argument to be made that Jey Uso should be the one to dethrone Roman. I don’t agree because I think the road leads to a Cody rematch at WrestleMania 40 in Philly. However, I do understand the logic behind it and if WWE does decide to go that route, then I have no doubt that it will create an incredible moment in wrestling history. It would make sense for Jey to be the one since this started with him after Roman won the Universal title. It would be a fantastic storybook ending for Jey to come full circle and overcome his cousin in what would be an awesome match. I just don’t see WWE going that way. I think Jimmy and Jey are going to be put on a path to re-establish themselves as WWE’s best team once their story with Roman comes to an end.

Where exactly it comes to an end is very interesting to consider. Roman and Solo are scheduled to face the Usos at Money in the Bank and I can see the result going either way. I could see Roman/Solo get the win, but I think it is far more beneficial for Jimmy and Jey to win this match. Solo can take the pin, giving Jimmy and Jey their big win, and be the start of a fallout between Roman and Solo. For Roman, it could be that he finally loses the title because he doesn’t have his family to back him up anymore. Wherever this story ends, I couldn’t be happier about what we’ve gotten. For anyone that claims, “this story hasn’t elevated anyone,” I give you Jimmy and Jey Uso. They’re the ones.