RingScoops: NXT 2.0’s Bron Breakker is WWE’s Next Big Star!

There have been two episodes of the revamped NXT, now known as NXT 2.0, and one constant in the new direction is simply this: Bron Breakker is going to be HUGE!

One of the things I consider to be “must see TV” with NXT 2.0 is Bron Breakker.  He is the son of Rick Steiner, and nephew of Scott Steiner.  Bron’s ability in the ring is incredible for a man of his position in the company, that being a fairly new star on television.  He went toe-to-toe with LA Knight in his debut match and held his own.  He’s also tagged with NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa and the two gelled together well.

In addition to his ability in the ring, it appears this man has serious skill on the microphone.  He’s well spoken, articulate, has signs of great vocal variation and just shines with charisma.  At times my mind gets tricked into thinking Scott Steiner is cutting a promo, but with a precise direction.

Finally, this man has the look!  Bron Breakker looks like he’s been chiseled out of stone.  The man has muscles in places that I don’t even have places.  Not only that, but he’s extremely sizeable too.  Its well documented that Vince McMahon has a bias towards big tall men.

You add all of those elements together and you have the making for a huge superstar.  The only thing that is going to stop him is his backstage presence and personality.  I don’t work for WWE/NXT, and I don’t know Bron personally, so I can’t comment on that.  However, if the man wants to make it in WWE and he has a great attitude, the sky is the limit.  His name is Bron Breakker, and he’s the WWE’s next big star in the making!

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